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Omega 3 ifos quality - 90 softgels

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Omega 3 IFOS Quality from MM Supplements, is a food supplement developed based on fatty acids and reinforced with vitamin E, whose function is to help maintain good cardiovascular health and strengthen joints.

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      MM Supplements

      Omega 3 IFOS Quality from MM Supplements

      • It is a food supplement made up of a composition that concentrates the properties of EE35/25 IFOS fish oil and vitamin E of the highest quality.

      What is Omega 3 IFOS Quality from MM Supplements taken for?

      • Helps maintain the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.
      • It allows to strengthen and protect the structure of tissues and joints.
      • Ideal to contribute to the conservation of cells against oxidative damage.
      • It balances cholesterol levels.
      • Helps improve physical performance and protect bone and muscle structure.

      Why buy Omega 3 Quality IFOS ?

      • Premium product.
      • It has an IFOS certificate that accredits it as a food supplement that meets the highest quality standards.
      • It contains a formula based on natural ingredients of maximum absorption.
      • Suitable to be used by all those who seek to strengthen their health and enhance their physical capacity in routines and training.
      • With a concentration of 1050mg of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and 750mg of docosahexaenoid acid (DHA) per recommended dose (3 Pearls).

      IFOS certificate

      IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards™) is classified as a premium product with a 5-star rating for each of its quality controls.

      1. It complies with all active ingredients specified on its label. It is not the first time that many labels do not match what is actually contained in the product. IFOS is the quality seal that confirms the veracity of the product's labeling.
      2. It has a concentration of more than 60% EPA and DHA per softgels. It is checked so that it has at least a 60% concentration of EPA and DHA for each gram of product. To obtain a product that is effective during your treatment.
      3. It has PCB levels of less than 50% according to CRN standards. It complies with all IFOS standards for PCBs, dioxins and furans.
      4. It has oxidation levels of less than 75%, in order to guarantee the stability of the product. IFOS measures the oxidation process to guarantee that during the process of handling and preserving the oil it has not suffered any type of oxidation.
      5. Free of heavy metals and contaminants. IFOS has 14 tests divided into 4 categories that ensure that it does not have heavy metals or contaminants. Only if it passes these tests will it have IFOS quality.

      How do you take Omega 3 Quality IFOS ?

      • Take 2 to 3 softgels a day.
      • Consume preferably daily.

      Biography / Scientific studies

      • Joseph I, Libby P. Omega-3 fats-good for your heart. Medline Plus. 2020.
      • Sheryl M. The ABCS of omega 3. Graybill. 2019.

      Customer reviews: Omega 3 ifos quality - 90 softgels

      2 Reviews
      if you are one of the people who do not eat any fish then you have to take omega 3 yes or yes
      A wonder, this patent was already missing in your range of products. Enchanted with him.
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      Se sugiere tomar 2 tomas por día,como se puede dividir esas tomas?por ejemplo comida y antes de acostarse?.
      2022-04-05 17:25:59 Antonio
      Hola Antonio Mejor tomar 1 en el desayuno y otra en la comida Saludos
      2022-04-05 17:48:22 Juanjo
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