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MG Amino Muscle Grow - 500g

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MG Amino Muscle Grow from MM Supplements contributes to the growth of muscle mass and helps improve muscle recovery after training. Ideal for athletes and/or people who need a high protein intake in their daily diet.

      MM Supplements

      MG Amino Muscle Grow by MM Supplements

      • It is a powdered food supplement based on essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids.

      • It has an excellent combination of BCAAs, glutamine, arginine and citrulline malate.

      What is MG Amino Muscle Grow from MM Supplements taken for?

      • It is taken as an excellent protein contribution for the body.

      • Helps increase muscle mass.

      • Helps improve muscle recovery after training.

      • Contributes to the optimal maintenance of energy levels in the body.

      Why buy MG Amino Muscle Grow ?

      • Contributes high-quality amino acids, in ideal amounts for better effectiveness.

      • Contains extra BCAAs in a 2:1:1 ratio.

      • It is indicated for athletes or people who need and seek a high protein intake.

      • Easily dissolves.

      • It is highly bioavailable.

      • It comes in different flavors to choose from made with dietary sweeteners and natural ingredients.

      • Of 100% natural origin.

      • It is a supplement suitable for improving activities such as fitness, bodybuilding or various aerobic activities.

      How is MG Amino Muscle Grow taken?

      • Mix 25 gr (1 and ½ scoop) with water and drink once a day.

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      Customer reviews: MG Amino Muscle Grow - 500g

      46 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      I bought it because there are few products with similar characteristics that are at this price. In my case, I divide the 25g dose: before and after training.
      I am a running athlete, and this supplement is wonderful, I notice it in the recovery and endurance, the spectacular fruit punch flavor !!
      A spectacular combo based on essential amino acids, glutamine, more BCAA's and citrulline to push more in training, spectacular
      The product is really good and it shows in terms of boosting performance, noting less fatigue and more resistance!
      Satisfied with the purchase, it fulfills its function, price commensurate with the product, neutral taste can be tolerated.
      The perfect supplement to improve protein synthesis and improve recovery. I use one scoop before and one after training. Watermelon flavor quite rich and fresh.
      A really good and complete product. With regard to training, its effects are especially noticeable in the resistance it offers, being able to keep fatigue at bay almost all the training.
      the most powerful essential amino acids on the market the truth is that I did not expect less than more muscle
      the best most complete and effective essential amino acids that the truth is that they are luxurious
      Great supplement of essential amines and the flavors are brutal, achieved and hooked that you shit! great product this
      Very good product of great quality and a very cheap price, I usually buy the ones with watermelon flavor and they are incredible
      Great supplement of essential amines and the flavors are brutal, achieved and hooked that you shit! great product this
      A very complete supplement for pre- and post-training. It seems to me a very elaborate formulation and, the best, at a really good price. The neutral taste, yes, difficult to swallow.
      The product is really good and has a really effective mix in order to increase the speed of recovery. The neutral flavor is difficult to swallow, but it is worth the bad drink.
      L and very good price. or use during training mixed with amylopectin of this same brand, quality
      Great product, very good composition and at a good price, the truth is that between this one that is more complete and the master amino that has the ajinomoto label, I don't know which of the two to choose.
      quite good the truth that mm being its own guarantees us a good price and the quality is very good things as they are
      One of the best amino acids that I have taken both by solution and by flavor, I trust a lot in the products of mm suplemnts.
      I bought it mainly because I don't usually reach the recommended daily amount of protein considering that I do strength training and want to increase muscle mass.
      Questions and answers
      Buenas. Me gustaría saber la información nutricional del producto, o que me informaseis de si se puede tomar post entrenamiento, en fase de ayuno, sin que detenga el mismo. Suelo entrenar al finalizar el 16/8, en la mañana, unas horas antes de la primera comida, para maximizar los efectos del ayuno. Y en el periodo final del ayuno, no me gustaría interrumpirlo. Gracias y un saludo.
      2022-06-22 13:26:59 RDA
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      Yo estuve tomando unos esenciales que me marcaba la toma durante el entrenamiento estos no viene nada pero entiendo que es lo mismo cuando es mejor tomar?
      2022-05-27 15:41:35 ezequiel
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      Hola, En el producto pone « testado », teneis publicadas las pruebas de laboratorio de los productos de la gama MasMusculo? Muchas gracias
      2021-10-25 20:52:12 Alex
      Hola buenos dias,en estos momentos no pero proximamente podra disponer de una seccion en nuestros articulos donde podra consultar los test de los productos.gracias
      2021-10-26 10:54:51 claudio
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      El producto MG Amino Muscle Grow marca una dosis a tomar. Pregunto si puedo empezar reduciendo la dosis establecida o sea una dosis más pequeña e irla aumentando poco a poco. Gracias
      2019-09-25 20:39:47 Fer López
      Hola todos los productos tiene por Ley una forma de uso, no quiere decir que sea la única, la mejor, cada persona la puede adaptar a sus necesidades. Un saludo
      2019-09-26 10:51:59 Beltran
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