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L-glutamine + BCAA - 500 g

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L-Glutamine + BCAA from MM Supplements is a food supplement that combines the amino acid glutamine with branched-chain amino acids of high quality and purity.

      MM Supplements

      L-Glutamine + BCAA from MM Supplements

      L-Glutamine + BCAA from MM Supplements is a food supplement that will help you achieve your sports goals. It combines Kyowa glutamine, which is of the highest quality, with branched-chain amino acids, BCAA, which have the highest purity.

      BCAAs are characterized in that they are obtained from the fermentation of vegetable carbohydrates through Ferment-A-Pure™ technology. They are also 100% natural amino acids that lack additives or synthetic elements of any kind. They also have the highest level of purity and are made in an extra fine format for better assimilation.

      These high-quality ingredients combine to provide excellent support during highly demanding physical activities.

      available flavors

      MM Supplements Glutamine + BCAA is available in three refreshing flavors ideal for post-workout use.


      What are the characteristics of L-Glutamine + BCAA from MM Supplements ?

      • Contains Glutamine, which is present in muscle tissues.
      • Provides BCAA's, which have the highest purity and are of plant origin.
      • It is a supplement suitable for adult athletes of both sexes.

      Composition of L-Glutamine + BCAA from MM Supplements

      L-Glutamine + BCAA from MM Supplements comes in a bottle that contains 500 g of powdered food supplement.

      4g L-Glutamine
      2g L-Leucine
      1g L-Valine
      1g L-Isoleucine

      Each recommended dose of 10 g offers the following specifications:

      • Contains 4 g of L-Glutamine Kyowa.
      • Includes 2 g of L-Leucine.
      • It has 1 g of L-Valine.
      • Provides 1 g of L-Isoleucine.
      • It has 0.6 mg of vitamin B6.

      Recommended daily dose of L-Glutamine + BCAA

      • Dilute 10 g in 200 ml of water.
      • Drink after training.

      Customer reviews: L-glutamine + BCAA - 500 g

      48 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      Great option if you want to get glutamine and bcaa of good quality and at the best price, the best relationship
      The product is very good and its price is very cheap, even more so seeing its ajinomoto raw material.
      I've been taking it intra-training for 4 months and since I've been taking it I notice that I don't slow down, very good.
      the best glutamine on the market if you really want to have an anticatabolic and persevere in muscle mass, try it
      Very good supplement, an essential in my daily supplementation with good quality and a very good price
      spectacular how well these bcaas with glutamine go without a doubt they are the most effective that I have tried
      Very good product that I consume on a daily basis, with excellent quality and a price that is very very good
      Product of good quality and remarkable efficiency. I use them before training and a somewhat greater resistance is noticeable.
      `the best glutamine with bcaas most effective on the market the truth is that I did not expect less than more muscle
      The best glutamine on the market since since I have been taking it I notice that I am enduring my muscles more
      I am very surprised by everything that MM brings out in amino acids, nothing to do with other more expensive brands
      one of the best combinations either to take it intra or pre post or at any time of the day and more muscle with the best raw materials such as ajinomoto
      one of the best combinations either to take it intra or pre post or at any time of the day and more muscle with the best raw materials such as ajinomoto
      Good product of more bcaa muscles with glutamine for after training. My favorite flavor is redbull.
      A very good quality product despite its low price. The lemon flavor is a bit difficult to drink, but at the recovery level, the difference is very noticeable.
      I only use this supplement both before and after training, it gives me energy and helps me recover, good taste.
      I have been with them for a short time, but the truth is that price quality without a doubt very happy, apart from Ajinomoto at an incredible price.
      It seems to me one of the top products of MMSupplements. The efficiency is really good in terms of recovery and the price, for the raw material it has, is crazy.
      It is undoubtedly one of the supplements that should not be missing if you want an immediate recovery as an intra-workout and of very good quality
      The best value for money in glutamine and BCAA's and with the Ajinomoto seal that certifies its quality
      Questions and answers
      2023-03-18 22:04:24 e
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      Après l entraînement je prends un Shake de Whey avec de la Creatine à l intérieur … puis je mettre à l intérieur également les 10 grs de bcaa Glutamine ???
      2023-02-25 22:57:36 Amsellem
      Bonjour Amsellem, vous pouvez le mélanger sans problème mais si vous voulez en profiter au mieux, prenez les BCAA's avec de la glutamine avant ou pendant l'entraînement et la Whey protéine avec de la créatine après. Salutations
      2023-02-27 09:56:15 Jose Antonio
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      Muy buenas,he adquirido el producto y mi duda es de cuanto es el cazo que trae?porque pone que la cantidad por toma es de 10g pero me parece muy pequeño nose si hay que tomar 2 o 3 cazos para llegar alos 10g.muchas gracias un saludo!
      2022-05-25 17:57:52 Mikel
      Buenas tardes,ponle dos cazos cada vez que hagas una toma,un saludo.
      2022-05-25 18:02:10 Joan
      Add a response
      Yo entreno en ayunas por la mañana claro. después de entrenar me tomo vuestra proteina whey. mi preguna es: los mezclo con el batido los L-GLUTAMINA + BCAA AJINOMOTO o lo hago por separado. O es mejor tomarlos justo después de entrenar y cuando pase un rato la proteina? muchas gracias y enhorabuena por los productos. javascript:void(0)
      2022-04-19 13:16:46 Juan Fco.
      Ambas opciones son buenas, preferiblemente después de entrenar y la proteína unos 15-30 minutos después. Otra opción es usar gluta + bcaa para romper el ayuno y poder entrenar con más intensidad, paliando la posibilidad de catabolismo. Espero haberte servido de ayuda. Gracias por tu confianza en MasMusculo.
      2022-04-19 13:28:49 Joel
      Add a response
      Que se suele tomar antes del entrenamiento o antes de ir a dormir ?
      2022-03-15 07:49:02 Alfredo
      Buenos días,los mejores momentos para usarlo sería antes de entrenar,durante y/o después de entrenar.
      2022-03-15 09:23:33 Joan
      Add a response
      Cuantas calorías tiene cada 10gr de producto? Es para no romper el ayuno... Muchas gracias
      2021-07-22 06:29:55 Juan
      Hola Juan, es muy probable que se rompa el ayuno. Si para ti eso es muy importante no consumas el producto en las horas del día que hayas decidido hacer el ayuno. Cualquier tipo de edulcorante también rompe el ayuno tenlo en cuenta también. Gracias por confiar en Más Músculo.
      2021-07-22 09:58:30 CRISTOBAL
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