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Kongestion preworkout - 320g

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Kongestion Preworkout from MASmusculo Supplements is a pre-workout created from amino acids, plants with caffeine and sweeteners. It is the PreWorkout that takes your training to another level.

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    MM Supplements

    Kongestion PreWorkout by MASmusculo Supplements

    • Food supplement based on amino acids and plants with caffeine and sweeteners.
    • It is a revolutionary supplement of the latest generation, formulated with the best ingredients.
    • It is a pre-workout with the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.
    • Contains beta-alanine, creatine mohydrate, glutamine, grape and apple extract, black pepper, panax ginseng and astragalus.

    What is Kongestion PreWorkout from MASmusculo Supplements taken for?

    • It is a pre-workout that is taken before and during training.
    • Creatine improves physical performance in successive series of short, high-intensity exercises

    Why buy Kongestion PreWorkout ?

    • "It is the Pre Workout that will boost your training to another level"
    • It is a revolutionary food supplement, created with the best raw materials.
    • It has been made with high quality ingredients, which correspond to exclusive patents.
    • Latest generation food supplement created by MASmusculo Supplements, designed and created so that you can exceed your limits.
    "You will take your training to another level"


    • It is a high quality formula of beta-alanine scientifically proven and patented worldwide.
    • It is the only beta-alanine with New Ingredient (NDI) status.
    • Backed by 20 years of scientific research and the only one of its kind patented on the market.
    • It has the GRAS status of Generaly Recognized as Safe (Generally Recognized as Safe).


    Kyowa Quality® (glutamine)

    • It is a glutamine produced under the strict high quality Kyowa.
    • It is made with the highest purity.
    • Backed by scientific research.

    Kyowa Quality


    • Contains grape and apple extracts, synergistically combined in one formula.



    • It is standardized black pepper extract from the fruits of the Piper Negrum.
    • Contains 95% black pepper.
    • It has the GRAS seal which means Generally Recognized as Safe.
    • It is also free of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).



    • It is a proprietary formula of Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus.
    • It is obtained through pharmaceutical processing and advanced extraction technology.
    • It is supported by studies and research.


    How do you take Kongestion PreWorkout ?

    • Dilute 16 g in 200 ml of water.
    • Take 1 serving before training.

    Customer reviews: Kongestion preworkout - 320g

    15 Reviews
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    The fact that all raw materials used are patented already denotes the quality of the product. Without a doubt, 10/10!
    Good product, I recommend it, a good brand, it's not expensive and the product shows, I'm happy, I'll recommend it and I'll use it again, uyg
    Great product, I loved it, I didn't expect something so good from a private label, but I'm going to have to swallow my prejudices.
    Patented ingredients and in very considerable proportions, superpretraining!
    One of the best I've ever tried, with the addition that all its ingredients are patented.
    There is a lot of quality in the product. The fact that all the ingredients are patented is a plus that few pre-workouts have.
    It's very high in beta alanine and the first few times I noticed it a lot, I've gotten used to it and now it seems like sugar cane.
    The supplement arrived in good condition and the delivery was good and without problems, everything was great
    Spectacular how well this pre-training is going, I did not expect less from the great brand with the most muscle
    Good pre-workout, but not the best I've tried.
    Very good pre-training, I have already bought two bottles and the truth is that it is giving me good results, good activation and good pumping
    Brutal, simply great this new pre-workout that you have formulated. The patents are unbeatable and that shows a lot.
    Good cucumber, I notice how it hits me a good blow and the good thing is all the quality seals it has
    Buy Kongestion Preworkout - 320g from MM Supplements at MASmusculo Brutal, this new preworkout that you have formulated is simply great. The patents are unbeatable and that shows a lot.
    The pre-training is brutal, since I take it, I raise the level of my training and I am growing like never before.
    Questions and answers
    Buenas cuantas dosis trae este suplemento? Gracias
    2023-07-25 19:24:09 Miguel gallardo
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    Buenas , Lleva 2g de creatina,se podría añadir aparte para sumar lo recomendado según mi peso?.
    2023-04-18 00:13:57 Jorge
    Hola Jorge, puedes añadirle creatina aparte para llegar a la cantidad que necesites, no hay problema. Saludos
    2023-04-18 10:03:49 Jose Antonio
    Add a response
    Hola buenas el cacito que trae es muy pequeño no? Cuantos cazos debo echarle entonces?graciass saludos
    2023-04-03 16:55:15 Keldi
    hola keldi con un cazo que te va dentro es suficiente te gustara nuestro pre entreno,gracias y un saludo
    2023-04-03 17:04:48 SALVA VALENCIA
    Add a response
    Hola buenos dias!mi duda es si podria añadirle 5g de arginina que tengo un bote aqui y tambien quiero usarlo, o el producto ya la contiene?gracias un saludo!
    2023-03-29 10:07:25 Keldi
    hola keidi por supuesto que para hacerlo mas potente le puedes añadir agrnina ya que este gran suplemento no lo incluye,gracias y un saludo
    2023-03-29 10:22:30 SALVA VALENCIA
    Puedes añadirlo sin problema a tu pre-entreno, es una muy buena combinación, el producto no tiene arginina.
    2023-03-29 11:20:08 Joel
    Add a response
    Cuantos cazitos se tienen que tomar?
    2023-03-16 13:05:03 Josep
    ¡Buenos días! Normalmente, un cacito es suficiente, que es la dosis recomendada. ¡Saludos!
    2023-03-16 13:16:45 JAVI
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