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Kongestion preworkout - 320g

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Kongestion Preworkout by MM Supplements is a pre-workout created to boost your energy and performance. It's the PreWorkout that takes your training to another level.

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      MM Supplements

      Kongestion PreWorkout by MM Supplements

      • It is a pre training with the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.
      • It is a food supplement based on amino acids and plants.
      • Contains beta-alanine, creatine mohydrate, glutamine, grape and apple extract, black pepper, panax ginseng and astragalus.

      What is MM Supplements Kongestion PreWorkout taken for ?

      • It is a pre-workout that is ingested to promote the highest level of energy before and during training.

      Why buy Kongestion PreWorkout ?

      • "It's the Pre Workout that takes your training to another level"
      • It offers a synergistic effect that pushes every athlete to face demanding training with greater energy efficiency.
      • It has been made with high quality ingredients, which correspond to exclusive patents.


      • It is a scientifically proven and world patented high quality formula of beta-alanine.
      • It is the only beta-alanine with New Ingredient (NDI) status.
      • Backed by 20 years of scientific research and the only patented product of its kind on the market.
      • It has the GRAS status of Generaly Recognized as Safe .



      • It is a creatine monohydrate produced by AlzChem Trostberg in Germany.
      • It is the most studied and proven safe and effective form of creatine.
      • It offers IFS Food certification, a quality standard, under the Global Food Safety Initiative.
      • It is produced under Kosher and Halal standards.


      Kyowa Quality® (glutamine)

      • It is a glutamine produced under the strict high quality Kyowa.
      • Obtained under vegetable fermentation processes that have allowed the production of amino acids worldwide.
      • It is made with the utmost purity.
      • Backed by scientific research.

      Kyowa Quality


      • It is a precursor to nitric oxide.
      • Contains grape and apple extracts, synergistically combined in one formula. Vinitrox


      • Combines 7 plant-based ingredients proven to boost nitric oxide.
      • Clinically researched.
      • It lacks Genetically Modified Ingredients.



      • It is black pepper extract standardized from the fruits of Piper Negrum.
      • Contains 95% black pepper.
      • It has the GRAS seal which stands for Generally Recognized as Safe.
      • It also lacks GMOs (genetically modified organisms).



      • It is a proprietary formula of Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranáceus.
      • It is obtained through pharmaceutical processing and advanced extraction technology.
      • It is supported by studies and research.


      How is Kongestion PreWorkout taken?

      • Dilute 16 g (approx. 4 scoops) in 200 ml of water.
      • Take 1 serving before training.

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      Customer reviews: Kongestion preworkout - 320g

      2 Reviews
      Great product, I loved it, I didn't expect something so good from a private label, but I'm going to have to swallow my prejudices.
      Brutal, simply great this new pre-workout that you have formulated. The patents are unbeatable and that shows a lot.
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