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Fuel &go! - 60 capsules

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Fuel & Go! from MM Supplements is a dietary supplement that is taken to support physical endurance during intense sports activity.

      MM Supplements

      Fuel & Go! by MM Supplements

      • Food supplement based on beet dry extract, mineral salts and caffeine.
      • Made with capsules easy to ingest and dose.

      What is Fuel & Go! from MM Supplements?

      Fuel & Go! from MM Supplements is taken to support physical endurance by developing intense and demanding workouts. It promotes a greater ability to carry out very demanding exercise routines.

      Why take Fuel & Go! from MM Supplements?

      • It has ergogenic effects on cardiorespiratory endurance, which benefits endurance performance.
      • They attribute important hemodynamic and metabolic functions, being considered an important vasodilator capable of increasing blood flow at the muscle level and favoring the transfer of oxygen in the muscle.
      • It could improve muscle contraction and relaxation processes.
      • It has active components whose properties have been supported by studies and scientific articles.
      • Fuel & Go quality! by MM Supplements

      How do you take Fuel & Go! from MM Supplements?

      • Take 1 capsule daily.

      Scientific and medical studies

      Katherine E Lansley, Paul G Winyard, Stephen J Bailey, Anni Vanhatalo, Daryl P Wilkerson, Jamie R Blackwell, Mark Gilchrist, Nigel Benjamin, Andrew M Jones (2011) Acute dietary nitrate supplementation improves cycling time trial performance.- PMID: 21471821 DOI : 10.1249 / MSS.0b013e31821597b4

      Naomi M Cermak, Martin J Gibala, Luc JC van Loon (2012) Nitrate supplementation's improvement of 10-km time-trial performance in trained cyclists.- PMID: 22248502 DOI: 10.1123 / ijsnem.22.1.64

      Sökmen, Bülent; Armstrong, Lawrence E; Kraemer, William J; House, Douglas J; Dias, Joao C; Judelson, Daniel A; Maresh, Carl M (2008) Caffeine Use in Sports: Considerations for the Athlete.- Volume 22- Issue 3- p 978-986.

      Williams, Melvin (2005) Dietary Supplements and Sports Performance: Minerals.- Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2, Article Number 43.

      Customer reviews: Fuel &go! - 60 capsules

      27 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      spectacular how this new product is going the truth is that more muscle always being number 1
      A supplement of these characteristics is essential that should be more than essential for good sports performance since it will cover all your needs to give you the energy you need to do workouts to be totally exhausted
      To have all the energy needs covered, it is perfect and gives you that caffeine intake that makes you take advantage of the training much better
      One more energetic extra and at a good price. The shipment was great, although I was not at home, they called me by phone and well
      Good product, I started taking it on the recommendation of a friend and it is giving me good results, I will repeat
      About its functionality if I can say that it works well, I like it and it is a good purchase on your page
      Great supplement of the mm brand, quality and price, you can both pre and post training. I recommend it to get the most out of your workouts
      Great supplement of the mm brand, quality and price, you can both pre and post training. I recommend it to get the most out of your workouts
      It carries 60mg of caffeine and the rest essential minerals. It's pretty good but not as a pre workout
      I bought it and been using it before fasting cardio, I noticed improvement in energy and endurance, quite satisfied with the purchase, I will continue using it. R n
      how well this product is going since with it it gives me the exact energy to carry out my intense workouts very happy
      I decided to take FUEL because of its low caffeine content, very satisfied with it, greater increase in resistance and better congestions.
      Good supplement that I started taking a month ago and I have noticed a good improvement when it comes to increasing performance by training
      This product is quite noticeable, I do high-resistance sports, and the beet root that contains its composition is very good for me to endure more and with more energy. I recommend it for people who do sports like mine.
      Good energy shot in case you want to do one of those hard workouts and also to recover after them and be well
      The product was surprising, I caught it for trying on the days that it was most difficult for me to go out to train and it is amazing, I have improved my marks with it.
      I love this product, quality price is a high quality product, more and more muscle bets on the quality of the product, I consume it before training and I have that contribution of caffeine and minerals necessary to do a good workout, I recommend it
      Now that I have been trying the product for a while, I can say that it works well for me on those days when it is hardest for me to go out to train.
      Recommended pre-training since I am very sensitive to caffeine and for 2 weeks I started taking it for the gym, although they recommend it for background, using it for strength I have noticed improvement in my workouts, especially in the recoveries between exercises.
      Questions and answers
      Por qué este producto está en la categoría de “Energético” y no en “Pre entreno”? Se parece mucho al pre entreno “Amok” con la diferencia en la cantidad de cafeína y guaraná, son casi iguales. No entiendo.
      2021-12-21 15:47:54 Jorge
      buenas tardes,podria estar tambien en esa categoria,pero en base a su proncipal compuesto que es la raiz de remolacha esta considerado mas energetico que pre work,ya que una de las caracteristicas de la raiz de remolacha es que aumenta las capacidades fisicas en ejercicios intensos y de larga duracion.
      2021-12-21 17:11:52 claudio
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      ¿Cuál sería el contenido en mg de nitratos por dosis?
      2021-11-09 10:01:27 Javi
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