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Cyclo Dextrine (Cluster Dextrin) - 1kg

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Ciclo Dextrin (Cluster Dextrin) from MASmusculo Supplements is an extraordinary powder preparation, which is made from cyclodextrins; which is basically a carbohydrate that has a low molecular weight, in addition to a low osmolality.

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      How is it taken?
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      How many times?
      Once a day
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    MM Supplements

    Dextrin Cycle (Cluster Dextrin) from MASmusculo Supplements

    Ciclo Dextrin (Cluster Dextrin) from MASmusculo Supplements is made with a cyclic dextrin formula, highly branched, made with carbohydrates extracted from starch using the highest technology to thus guarantee its quality and efficiency.

    What are the characteristics of the Dextrin Cycle (Cluster Dextrin) of MASmusculo Supplements?

    • It is a powder preparation with a 100% effective formula.

    Composition of the Dextrin Cycle (Cluster Dextrin) of MASmusculo Supplements

    Dextrin Cycle (Cluster Dextrin) from MASmusculo Supplements is a powder preparation, which mixes easily in water, and allows you to have a smoothie quickly.

    Dextrin Cycle (Cluster Dextrin) from MASmusculo Supplements is made with a formula made with cyclic dextrins which are highly branched, for better use.

    What is achieved with the Dextrin Cycle (Cluster Dextrin) from MASmusculo Supplements?

    Dextrin Cycle (Cluster Dextrin) from MASmusculo Supplements is a powder preparation that you can use before, during or after your workouts.

    Dextrin Cycle (Cluster Dextrin) from MASmusculo Supplements is ideal for professional athletes, or anyone who practices sports.

    Recommended daily dose of Cluster Dextrin

    • As a powder preparation, mix 25 g of powder in water.
    • Take the dose before, during or after training
    • Take 1 time per day

    Customer reviews: Cyclo Dextrine (Cluster Dextrin) - 1kg

    16 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    One of the best because for this price it is impossible to find cyclo-dextrins, it is absorbed wonderfully
    You do not feel any kind of heaviness taking this product and it mixes very well. I take it along with intra-workout BCAAs and it allows me to maintain intensity throughout the workout. The price is insane.
    Wonderful, one of the best products you have. Its price is unbeatable for a cyclodextrin.
    Cyclodextrin is the best intra-workout on the market and without a doubt this one with more muscle is the best
    Very good price for a last generation carbohydrate like this one, without a doubt very effective
    very good product, it really works and it's a good brand I'm very happy and it's not expensive uyfvty
    Very good price of this carbohydrate, no problem in digestion when taking it and the neutral flavor can be taken without problem.
    I have tried quite a few cyclodextrins of different brands for many years, and I can say that this one with more muscle is one of the best and especially for the price it has compared to others on the market.
    Good carbohydrate does not weigh much in the stomach and dissolves well. I use it during training and it is great
    This type of hydrate from your brand was already needed! Incredible price compared to other brands and also with the same quality!
    I usually use it now in definition mixed together with the Muscle Grow EAAs, also from the MM brand.
    I use this type of supplement a lot during crossfit workouts, this is the best value for money compared to other brands.
    The raw material is the best there is and the price is amazing, I totally recommend it, a brand you can trust!
    Very good, it helps me to raise the level of my workouts, I really maintain the intensity when I take it.
    Product more than good, it mixes quite well and the truth is that it helps a lot to complete the routine with energy.
    Super economical for the first-class raw material it has. The product is wonderful and allows you to tolerate a higher volume of training and maintain intensity.
    Questions and answers
    En una ultra maratón mtb que cantidad se puede tomar durante la prueba Como 6 horas de carrera Gracias
    2023-09-27 00:54:23 Manuel
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    Es mejor la ciclodextrina o la maltodextrina para tomar junto con la creatina??
    2023-09-24 23:11:38 Ángel
    Hola Ángel, ambas funcionan muy bien combinadas con creatina, el extra que te aporta la ciclodextrina sería un mayor vaciado gástrico, es decir que sería mucho más ligera a nivel digestivo. Espero haberte sido de ayuda.
    2023-09-25 10:05:52 Joel
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