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Cfm iso zero - 1.8kg

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CFM ISO Zero from MM Supplements is a food supplement made with 100% CFM isolate from ultra-filtered and high quality whey. Presented in powder for optimal absorption.

    • Gluten FreeGluten Free
    • Lactose FreeLactose Free

      MM Supplements

      CFM ISO Zero from MM Supplements

      CFM ISO Zero from MM Supplements is a food supplement made with 100% high quality whey CFM isolate. It provides an excellent amount of protein to the body and has been ultra-filtered to ensure absorption. Enriched with vitamin B6.

      It comes as a powder for optimal absorption, is lactose free, and comes in a variety of delicious flavors to choose from.

      Flavors of CFM ISO Zero

      To preserve a high purity protein and avoid adding extra ingredients, the flavors of CFM ISO Zero are natural, with no artificial flavors.

      Salted caramel The perfect combination of opposing flavors
      Hazelnut chocolate The ideal combination for lovers of sweets.
      Triple chocolate For lovers of dark chocolate
      Tropical A refreshing flavor with multiple hints of fruit
      Yogurt with blueberries Delicious natural and fruity flavor

      Features of the CFM ISO Zero from MM Supplements

      • High Quality Whey CFM Isolate
      • Gluten free, lactose free and no chemicals
      • Recommended for athletes
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      What does the CFM ISO Zero from MM Supplements contribute?

      26g PROTEIN
      0.5g FAT
      30 mg DYGEZIME

      CFM ISO Zero from MM Supplements comes in a container containing 1.8 Kg of powdered food supplement.

      Specifications per dose (30 gr triple chocolate flavor), the values may vary depending on the flavor :

      • Approximately 111 kcal per shake (mixed in water)
      • Less than 0.5g of fat, of which 0.1g is saturated
      • Less than 0.5g of carbohydrates, of which 0.1g are sugars
      • It has 26g of protein in each 30g intake
      • It has 1.4 mg of vitamin B6
      • Has 30 mg of DigeZyme

      Recommended daily dose of CFM ISO Zero from MM Supplements

      • Mix 30 gr (1 measuring spoon) with 200-250 ml of liquid (water or skimmed milk.)
      • Consume after training.

      Customer reviews: Cfm iso zero - 1.8kg

      44 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      A pass of protein, the best you have formulated. Not only is the raw material the best, but the flavors are very good (highlighting blueberry yogurt).
      How good and clean this protein is, one of my discoveries of 2021, maximum quality assured.
      Good raw material which is the first thing I look at when choosing a protein and the brutal triple chocolate flavor
      It is new but I have already tasted it from one of your store in Granada and I have been convinced to buy it again. Brutal flavor of yogurt and blueberries
      Very good sensations with this protein. It is assimilated wonderfully and at the level of flavor it is amazing, especially blueberry yogurt!
      Very happy with this new protein !! I have tried two flavors, blueberry yogurt and triple chocolate, both of which are spectacular for an isolate. On the other hand, digestion is super light.
      THE CFM ISO Zero has the best value for money, the chocolate flavors are amazing and the digestion is no longer telling you
      Satisfied with the purchase, good flavor, no digestion problems and it dissolves well. I will continue buying it.
      Very good taste despite being an isolate and zero digestive problems that used to give me some proteins that I had taken.
      one of the best proteins on the market that just got more muscle this protein is going to give a lot to talk about it is spectacular
      piece of protein free of sugars and fats, more muscle never ceases to amaze me, high protein of the highest quality, in addition to lacking gluten and lactose, I recommend it
      Brutal this new prote that you have formulated. Digestion is really good and it feels great. The blueberry yogurt flavor is a delight and I see the price quite adjusted for the raw material it has.
      Very good protein, excellent quality and price, specifically the tropical flavor is very successful, I will buy again
      A super protein, the truth is that you have released a great product, very happy, especially with the blueberry flavor with yogurt.
      Recommended isolate of the highest quality, flavors achieved, when things are done well you have to recognize them, congratulations masmusculo.
      The tropical flavor has surprised me very pleasantly. I had previously tried the triple chocolate, which I had also liked, but now with the heat this flavor is my favorite.
      One of the best iso cfm that I have tried without sweat, without lactose and without gluten. It dissolves perfectly and the flavor is very good. My favorite is the chocolate one.
      the best protein on the market the truth is that in terms of flavor and quality it is the top of all that I have tried
      Good product, good price, quality is fine since I took it and I noticed it the first day, the truth is that it is very good for me, it is economical for the quality it has.
      One of the best proteins I have tried, from the label you can see that it is super clean, the product is very careful, my favorite salty caramel flavor.
      Questions and answers
      La cantidad real de L glutamina cuál sería? Ya que en la información nutricional ponen que la cantidad de glutamina se basa en el ácido glutámico que trae dicha proteína?
      2022-08-02 20:32:23 José
      La cantidad de L-Glutamina en el producto CFM ISO Zero - 1.8Kg es de aproximadamente 170mg por gramo de proteína. Una concentración alta no es necesariamente un indicativo de buena calidad. Espero que esta información te haya sido útil.
      2022-08-02 20:54:23 RUBEN
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      Porque tiene esta proteina digezime si es zero lactosa
      2022-03-27 15:36:09 Joaquin
      hola joaquin como podras comprobar es una de las proteinas que hemos desarollado mas completas porque aparte de no llevar lactosa ni glutem le hemos incorporado enzimas digestivas que no tienen nada que ver con la lactosa,gracias y un saludo
      2022-03-28 10:10:56 SALVA VALENCIA
      Add a response
      Hola, se puede tomar 2 veces al dia? Uno en ayunas antes de entrenar i otro justo despues de entrenar.
      2022-03-16 12:52:44 Karl
      Hola Karl Si, se pueden hacer 2 tomas teniendo en cuenta tus requerimientos calóricos en lo que a proteina se refiere Saludos
      2022-03-16 13:13:39 Masmusculo
      Hola Karl, no hay ningún inconveniente en tomarlo 2 veces al día, ten en cuenta siempre tus necesidades proteicas diarias y otros factores como por ejemplo condición física e intensidad de tu entrenamiento. Espero haberte servido de ayuda, muchas gracias por tu confianza.
      2022-03-16 13:14:02 Joel
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      ¿Hay pack de degustación o alguna presentación de 900g? Sólo veo el de 1.8kg
      2021-11-24 09:54:23 Jorge
      hola jorge por el momento solo hay presentacion de 1,8k pero en breve formato de 500g,gracias y un saludo
      2021-11-24 10:07:50 SALVA VALENCIA
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