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Beta Alanine - 100g

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Beta Alanine from MM Supplements is taken as a pre-workout to promote greater physical strength, greater muscle mass development and increased physical endurance.

      MM Supplements

      Beta Alanine from MM Supplements

      • It is a food supplement made from 100% pure beta alanine.
      • Beta-Alanine is the β-amino acid form of Alanine, one of the 9 essential amino acids, which cannot be produced independently by the body.

      What is Beta Alanine from MM Supplements taken for?

      • Beta alanine is consumed by high-impact athletes as pre-training to increase carnosine levels in the body, which has an influence on the development of muscle mass and the growth of explosive strength.

      Why buy Beta Alanine ?

      • Provides 100% pure beta alanine, which meets the highest quality standards.
      • It has no additives, preservatives or artificial colors.
      • Provides only the amino acid beta alanine powder.
      • It has been micronized to offer the highest solubility capacity.

      How is Beta Alanine taken?

      • Dilute 10 g (1 scoop) dissolved in a glass of water.
      • Take 1 dose per day.

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      Customer reviews: Beta Alanine - 100g

      46 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      I take 1g four times per day, sometimes it gives me paresthesia in the palms of my hands (itchy feeling on the skin). But only when I take it with the stomach empty.
      The quality of the raw material is the best on the market and it shows from the first shot. Top product in my supplementation.
      I update my opinion after almost two weeks of use I can say that it works well and no longer itches the skin
      If you want that tingling of those who carry this component in all pre-workouts, this is your product.
      A very remarkable effect on training, improving recovery times and delaying the onset of fatigue.
      I get extra repetitions that I couldn't get before, the product helps a lot to improve training, I recommend it.
      If you want a pre-training that covers all your needs and gives you the necessary energy, this is out !!!
      An important product, not just for training but to help recover in a much more optimal way.
      Since I saw that this supplement has a brutal synergy with creatine, it has become essential for me, good quality, since it bears the Ajinomoto seal and a very good price.
      I usually buy it in larger formats, but this product is essential to give everything in training and you will not need many more things
      As the days go by, you notice much more resistance when it comes to taking repetitions than before.
      Very good beta alanine, I am surprised that this product is a great unknown to the general public,
      effective, I take it before going to train and it gives me a lot of energy, I feel much better my state of mind
      excellent I love it I use it as a pre workout and it works great for me, it congests me a lot and the results are very good. quality price worth it
      the best component that any pre-workout should have, but this one by itself is phenomenal
      One of my essential pre-workout supplements. I usually take it daily, noticing really good recovery times.
      It complies with what was promised since I notice that delay in fatigue that the product promises. I recommend it
      one of the best components to be one of the best products either as pre-training or nitric oxide percussion
      That tingling that you notice is the most and the product works wonderfully, it shows how you can endure much more.
      I like Beta Alanine for the effect it has on training by delaying the onset of fatigue.
      Questions and answers
      Buenas tardes.Soy ciclista de competición Master lo podría tomar para salidas de 3 y 4 horas seguidas,y como tomarlo,muchas gracias, un saludo.
      2022-10-06 20:08:33 Francisco Javier
      Hola Francisco Javier, claro que se usa para ciclismo, en deportes de rendimiento funciona muy bien. Se toman de 2 a 6 gramos de 30 a 60 minutos previos al entreno. Empieza con 2 gramos para ver el efecto y puedes ir incrementando. Saludos
      2022-10-06 20:17:06 Jose Antonio
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