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BCAA 12:1:1 - 800g

BCAA 12:1:1 by MM Suplements is a nutritional supplement of high anabolic efficiency, elaborated to offer all the benefits of the essential amino acids in a formula of great synergic power to your body. In addition, it is an advanced formula that provides the amino acids of greater anticatabolic power in proportions 12:1:1 for a maximum effect.

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    BCAA 12: 1: 1 of MM Supplements is the best option of a nutritional supplement for you, because with each intake of this product you can stimulate the growth of muscle mass in the body and increase performance in your exercise routines

    The essential amino acids are necessary protein components for the correct functioning of the organism that must necessarily be taken with the diet and that our body is not able to synthesize and we will have to contribute with the help of a supplement. BCAA 12: 1: 1 of MM Supplements is ideal for adding it to your daily intake, because there are many benefits that it will give you, since it contains L - leucine, L - valine, L - isoleucine and vitamin B6. So it helps to promote the development of muscle mass while preventing catabolism.

    This product also increases energy, strength and endurance. BCAA 12: 1: 1 from MM Supplements also promotes the recovery of our body after our exercise routine. This supplement BCAA 12: 1: 1 of MM Suplements contributes in stimulating the growth of muscle mass and prevents catabolism. Increase energy, strength and endurance.

    It also maintains cardiovascular health, strengthening the immune system and increasing cognitive abilities.

    Essential aspects of this 12: 1: 1 BCAA of MM Supplements for 10 g Watermelon Flavor (Their values may vary depending on taste).

    • Provides 5000 mg of BCAA's 12:1:1
    • With 4286 mg of L-Leucine
    • Provides 357 mg of L-Valine
    • Has 357 mg of L-Isoleucine
    • Contains 0.33 mg of Vitamin B6

    Ingredients and format of this 12: 1: 1 BCAA by MM Supplements

    This nourishing and strengthening BCAA 12:1:1 by MM Supplements comes in powder in a presentation of 800g

    Among its ingredients we can find the following:

    • L - Leucine
    • L - Valina
    • L - Isoleucine
    • Vitamin B6

    Benefits of BCAA 12: 1: 1 by MM Supplements

    BCAA are a trio of branched chain essential amino acids, formed by leucine, valine and isoleucine. This supplement has been enriched with leucine, valine, isoleucine and vitamin B6 L - leucine that contributes in muscle building, so it is a component that allows the creation of clean, dense and solid muscle mass, given its outstanding role in the activation of protein synthesis.

    L-Valine has an effective effect on the functioning of the immune system, nervous system and cognitive function. It gives a positive result in the treatment of insomnia as well as nervousness and some disorders related to muscle tissues.

    L-Isoleucine is an isomer of leucine and is of utmost importance since it regulates blood glucose and is also involved in the processes of blood coagulation.

    It is also essential in recovery after physical activity. Vitamin B6 increases metabolic power, prevents fatigue, activates metabolism, improves cognitive functions and strengthens the immune system.

    How do you take this 12: 1: 1 BCAA by MM Supplements?

    • Ingest 5 g of BCAA 12:1:1 by MM Supplements mixed with 200 - 250 ml of water or your favorite drink, immediately after training.
    Questions and answers
    Muy buenas, ¿El aminograma esta disponible para poder verlo o solo los bcaa son los esenciales? Muchas gracias y saludos.
    2020-01-21 14:56:57 Juanma
    Hola, tiene el etiquetado del producto más abajo donde le indica lo que tiene el producto. No tiene aminoácidos esenciales, solo Ramificados (BCAA) y ya le pone la cantidad de cada uno por dosis. Un saludo
    2020-01-22 11:37:17 Jose
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