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Same 50mg - 50 vcaps

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SAMe from MM Essence is an excellent dietary supplement free of sugars and gluten, ideal for vegetarians.

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      SAMe from MM Essence

      SAMe from MM Essence as a food supplement is a product designed essentially to strengthen your well-being. SAM stands for S-adenosylmethionine.

      SAMe from MM Essence is designed for people like you who are athletic and lead a life full of high performance physical activities, so you need to stay active throughout the day with a high level of concentration to react quickly and have a good physical and mental response throughout your training. SAMe from MM Essence is ideal for diabetics, is gluten-free, sugar-free, perfect for vegetarians.

      SAMe from MM Essence is a nutritional supplement specially made for people who are athletes and sportsmen just like you, who lead a life of physical exercises and activities with a high level of demand and endurance.

      • Free of gluten and sugar, it is also ideal for vegetarians
      • Practical container, resistant, easy to carry anywhere
      • Vegetable capsules, soft, easy to swallow

      SAMe from MM Essence, take it as a dietary supplement.

      Recommended use: take 1 capsule daily, preferably on an empty stomach. It is a recommended dietary supplement for every healthy adult.

      Customer reviews: Same 50mg - 50 vcaps

      26 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      Very good product, the truth is, a good brand does not disappoint, it shows a lot, I recommend it, it is effective, ilugioñhiop
      Good product at a great price! I use it as a liver protector
      Good product at a great price! I use it as a liver protector
      Protector that comes in handy after my time on a hyper protein diet, that takes care of my liver a little, which has me last a lifetime
      very good and at the best price that a product of these characteristics can be, very very good.
      Another of the liver protectors that works very well for when the liver begins to show signs of being a little loaded
      It was recommended to me for a liver cleanse, it went very well.
      one of the liver protectors that really works well when you are very affected by the liver, I would say that it is the best
      Good product to improve liver health, and at a great price!
      Good product to improve liver health, and at a great price!
      Good supplement for when you are ON, along with NAC and Telmisartan from the same brand as MM
      It is more than essential to take this type of product if you really want to be protected from internal organs, in this case the liver.
      the truth is that I like to take these types of products since it has multiple benefits in the body
      very good product I recommend it to everyone the truth is that I LOVED IT AND IT IS NOT EXPENSIVE AND IN THE TIME WE ARE THAT IS APPRECIATED IOPIUUY
      If you are one of the people who likes to take care of their health, this product should not be missing and even more so if it is more muscular
      One of the best liver protectors that I have used and at a very affordable price, I will continue buying it.
      One of the best liver protectors and more at that price. I will buy them again.
      One of the best liver protectors and more at that price. I will buy them again.
      It is good to change the liver protector, especially when there is no Liv54 left, SAMe is a good alternative
      Both Same and Nac are good products to maintain good liver health without having to invest too much money
      Questions and answers
      hola he comprado 5 botes de sam e. y me gustaria saber si se puede tomar mientras estas haciendo un ciclo o si bien es meor no tomarlo orque le quita fuerza al ciclo....es una pregunta coplcada porque 2 preparadores me dicen que si y dos me dicen que eor que no..que e decis vosotros?? puedo tomarlo durante el ciclo para ir limpiando o mejor no lo tomorquele kita fuerza al ciclo como pasa con el proviron y mas cosas que uos acnsejan tomarlo y otros no..espero respuesta gracias
      2022-05-24 19:19:31 Enrique Tajes Perez
      Hola Enrique, entendemos que tienes una pregunta complicada sobre la interacción de los suplementos SAMe con los fármacos. Desafortunadamente, no somos médicos y no podemos darte una respuesta sobre esto. Te recomendamos que hables con un especialista en lugar de con preparadores, ya que ellos no son médicos. Esperamos haberte ayudado.
      2022-05-25 13:49:08 RUBEN
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      Son 50mg solamente lo que contiene por capsula o 500?
      2020-02-05 13:03:18 jOSE
      Hola contiene 50mg de Same por cápsula Un saludo
      2020-02-07 10:54:13 Jose
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