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The Ultimate Shot - 120 capsules

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Are you interested in burning that fat that your workouts cannot? Menú Fitness offers exactly the product you need. With The Ultimate Shot from Menú Fitness you can eliminate all the fat you want away from your body, thanks to the thermogenesis created by the ingredients present in this dietary supplement, which are coffee, green tea and ginseng extract.

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    The Ultimate Shot from Menú Fitness: Start burning fat without even noticing!

    The Ultimate Shot from Menú Fitness is a thermogenic created specifically for people with needs like yours. This product has properties that cause thermogenesis in our bodies thanks to the ingredients it contains, such as coffee, green tea, ginseng and black pepper, which are responsible for accelerating the regular functions of metabolism, thus increasing the speed at which fat is removed from our bodies.


    Facts of The Ultimate Shot from Menú Fitness:

    • Causes thermogenesis and increases metabolism activity.
    • Supports efficient weight loss.
    • Provides energy to train more intensely.
    • Helps control appetite in a more efficient way.
    • Contributes to achieve muscle definition.
    • 40 servings provided in each product container.


    Ingredients and format of The Ultimate Shot from Menú Fitness:

    The Ultimate Shot from Menú Fitness comes in a capsule presentation. Each container of the product has 120 capsules in it.

    Each serving of The Ultimate Shot from Menú Fitness (3 capsules) contains:

    • 450 mg of coffee.
    • 180 mg of green tea.
    • 180 mg of mate.
    • 90 mg of guarana.
    • 90 mg of ginseng.
    • 90 mg of cola nut.
    • 9 mg of black pepper.


    Benefits of The Ultimate Shot from Menú Fitness:

    The Ultimate Shot from Menú Fitness provides a lot of benefits to guarantee the elimination of fat thanks to the synergy achieved by the ingredients it contains. The main benefit that this dietary supplement provides, is fat burning, which is achieved through thermogenesis. This is provoked specifically by cola nut, black pepper, and ginseng, which accelerate the metabolism activities so that the body consumes and eliminates fat in a way that is very similar to exercising constantly.

    Another of the main benefits why The Ultimate Shot from Menú Fitness is highly acclaimed and recommended among athletes, is because of the coffee, green tea, mate and guarana it contains, which guarantee a remarkable increase in terms of energy and vitality.

    When these ingredients are taken separately, they offered around 2 to 4 hours of energy levels that vary. Caffeine for instance provides a powerful energy spike, but it vanishes relatively quick along with its effects, while guarana provides energy in a slow but constant manner. When the extracts of all these ingredients are combined, the result is one of the best supplements for boosting metabolism and energy that the market is offering you right now.

    The Ultimate Shot from Menú Fitness is highly recommended for all those healthy adults from any ethnicity or gender that want to eliminate fat and lose weight in a simple and efficient way, even without performing any physical activity.


    Recommended daily intake of The Ultimate Shot from Menú Fitness:

    • Take one capsule.
    • Take before meals and before training.
    • Take three times a day. 

    Customer reviews: The Ultimate Shot - 120 capsules

    3 Reviews
    I decided to buy myself and try this thermogenic because although I am not a big fan of this type of supplements because I see diet, training and undoubtedly doing your cardiovascular exercise if you really want to lose weight.
    I bought this thermogenic that has come out new, I am not in favor of trying new brands but hey, you have to break a spear in favor of the new supplementation of other brands.
    thermogenicve that I am curious to see how it goes because the truth is that they have spoken to me very well
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