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Wtf?! choco peanuts protein cream - 250g

9/10 17

WTF ?! Choco Peanuts Protein Cream from Max Protein is a delicious protein cream made with peanuts and white chocolate. It offers 17.8% protein. It is devoid of added sugars, gluten, or palm oil.

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    WTF ?! Choco Peanuts Protein Cream by Max Protein

    WTF ?! Choco Peanuts Protein Cream from Max Protein is a cream with the delicious flavor that peanuts and white chocolate provide. Treat yourself to this delicacy that provides 17.8% protein, without palm oil, added sugars or gluten. It can be easily applied to any toast or cookie, or as part of your favorite desserts.

    Enjoy its exquisite flavor for breakfast, snacks or various desserts or homemade preparations. It can be consumed by all kinds of people. It is a healthy option, made with high quality.

    WTF information ?! Choco Peanuts Protein Cream (Max Protein)

    • Made with peanuts and white chocolate.
    • Provides 17.8% protein.
    • It has no palm oil, gluten or added sugars.

    Format, composition and ingredients of WTF ?! Choco Peanuts Protein Cream

    WTF ?! It comes in a bottle containing 250g of healthy protein cream.

    Each 100 g has the following specifications:

    • Provides 536.6 kcal.
    • It has 32.5 g of fat which includes 10.5 g of saturated fat.
    • Provides 0.69 g of dietary fiber.
    • Provides 17.8 g of protein.
    • It has 1.36 g of salt.

    Recommended daily dose of WTF ?! Choco Peanuts Protein Cream

    • To be used in cookies, breads, toasts or homemade desserts, to suit the consumer.

    Customer reviews: Wtf?! choco peanuts protein cream - 250g

    17 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    Brutal flavor, peanut chocolate is incredible, the only bad thing is the price, but it really is worth it just for how good it is.
    spectacular this cream sincerely I like all the creams of wtf if the tests are lost
    It's a shame that the format is so small for its price, because the taste and texture is crazy.
    A very rich flavor and a very compact texture. It is an expensive product, but to give a different touch to our usual meals it is very good.
    Good peanut butter with chocate, it is the maximum, I use it for everything, from eating it with the spoon to spreading it on toast sandwiches or pancakes, with everything going very well, it is excellent to substitute for any type of nutella or similar product that you get used to use
    Delicious spreads to nibble between meals, one of my favorites is speculo, spectacular.
    It is one of my favorite flavors of these new protein creams from Max Protein. But surely, if I were to stay and recommend one, I would definitely "speculol" !!
    A very rich cream, but not one of my favorites in this new range of protein creams from Maxprotein. The peanut flavor is very accentuated, but without neglecting that touch of chocolate. I dream of adding it to the beaten cheese, because if I didn't it would be impossible for me to eat it hehe.
    It is one of my favorite flavors of these new protein creams from Max Protein. But surely, if I were to stay and recommend one, I would definitely "speculol" !!
    Very rich and tends to vice. Breakfast oatmeal pancakes elevate their flavor with this cream.
    Very good protein cream like almost all of the max protein creams, although I prefer to stay with the pink panther one, this is very good
    Very good, very good flavor and texture, the bad thing is that it has enough calories, it does not contain sugar
    I'm lovin 'it. I have been ordering this cream 4 by 4, it is a peanut cream full of protein and full of chocolate flavor, it is ganiela to spread it on whatever it is, the best thing is to spread it on the pancakes, it does not have sugars and it does not have oils added, very good!
    Tremendous flavor, it enlivens my pancakes at every breakfast and so everything comes in better and lighter, a 10
    The cream is super good, I am going to try other flavors, but this and the pink panther I have loved.
    Good flavor, very successful although I prefer others of the same range in other flavors, but this good
    delicious not the following is spectacular how good this cream is iiiiiiiincredible I am going to buy all the flavors see I have already tried the oreo and I think that is unsurpassed without a doubt max protein one of the best brands of healthy and sports food
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