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Oatmeal Top Flavors - 1,5 kg

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Top Flavors Oatmeals by Max Protein is a food supplement that provides vitamins B & E, phosphorus, iron, proteins, carbohydrates, magnesium and calcium in each intake. You can have it directly dissolved in water or milk or that you can use to cook your favourite dishes by providing slow digestion carbohydrates and proteins, with hardly any sugar.

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    Top Flavors Oatmeal by Max Protein: Perfect for you if you want to start your day with beneficial features of oats

    It is a rich way to have complex carbohydrates and provide the energy that your body needs during the day, without forgetting that it is also a source of vegetable proteins. Top Flavors Oatmeal by Max Protein is a fundamental part of a diet of active, healthy and sporty people.

    You can enjoy Top Flavors Oatmeal by Max Protein everyday in all its flavours (White BigChoc, Pink Cake, Big Crac, BoomBig, Biggers, Butter Biscuit, Chocolate Crunch Nougat, White Chocolate Crunch Nougat, and BlackMax Nougat) together with a superior micronized process (better dissolution, optimized assimilation), and its double sweetening with Stevia & Splenda.


    Top Flavors Oatmeal by Max Protein can offer us the following properties:

    • A healthy source of low glycemic carbohydrates and high quality protein.
    • It helps to follow a healthy and balanced diet.
    • It contributes to the maintenance and development of muscle mass.

    Essential aspects of Top Flavors Oatmeal by Max Protein in 100g (Biggers flavour)

    • It provides 380.99 Kcal of energy value
    • 6.91g of fats, of which 0.75g are saturated
    • It has 62.46g of carbohydrates, of which 0.36g are sugars
    • It has 11.84g of fiber
    • It provides 11.32g of protein
    • With 0.26g of salt

    Top Flavors Oatmeal by Max Protein features:

    You can find the following among its ingredients:

    • Ground oats (gluten)
    • Flavours, pH Regulator® (Plum umeboshi dry extract, potassium citrate, calcium citrate, sodium citrate, magnesium citrate)
    • Sweeteners: Sucralose E-955

    Allergens: It contains gluten.

    Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, soy, egg and gluten, so it can contain traces of them.

    What do you get with Top Flavors Oatmeal by Max Protein?

    It provides low glycemic energy and its fiber and protein content helps your energy to be released more progressively. It is very nutritious and provides essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals; without forgetting its high contribution of food fiber.

    It is usually used at breakfast time, like a snack or to have extra energy after workouts. You can have it together with milk, yogurt or can be added to cooked dishes like oatmeal pancakes, in this case with an excellent new flavour.

    It can also be used as flour to cook desserts like a delicious low-fat brownie and protein source.

    Recommended daily dose of Top Flavors Oatmeal by Max Protein

    • Mix 100g with water, milk or to cook a recipe (quantity according to preference).
    • Take 1 to 3 times a day or as necessary.

    Customer reviews: Oatmeal Top Flavors - 1,5 kg

    51 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    3 stars
    as it's not available in UK
    I ordered it in Spain
    top products , great taste , awesome macros , perfect for a good start for breakfast
    The shortbread flavor is great and they literally look like ground cookies. I will buy this flavor again on my next purchase!
    Big crack is my favorite. How can it be so good? I do not recommend it, so that there is always stock for me. ;)
    Biggers and boombig are the flavors that have surprised me the most. Perhaps the weakest of those I have tried is chocomix which, although it is quite good, is far from the first.
    The white chocolate waffle flavor is very good, quite sweet and with a fairly intense flavor.
    The big crack and big boom flavors are my favorites, they are really intense and that is what differentiates this flour from the others.
    Very nailed flavor, texture like all micronized ones, to be noted because it is ground oat grain, therefore its fiber content is higher than others
    This oatmeal has a very good sweet taste and does not contain sugar, it is ideal for breakfast if you like to start the day with something sweet
    Very good oatmeal with a very good and successful flavor, I use it in the mornings and for some shakes and it goes great
    Very good oatmeal, very successful flavor and good value, I will certainly repeat, highly recommended
    The chocolate nougat flavor is very good, very successful. If the rest of this range are just as good...
    The English shortbread biscuit flavor is tremendous, slick, and my favorite oatmeal so far.
    Delicious in shakes mixed with milk, a good way to start the day full of energy.
    Very good taste a bit expensive for what it is considering that there are other good brands much more affordable
    I have finally found an oatmeal that feels great to me because of the digestive enzymes it contains, very good for digestion
    One of the best oats I've tried, it dissolves very well with vegetable oat drink too
    delicious oatmeal and more of these mix of flavors and at a very good price and with the quality of max protein
    Delicious and delicious oatmeal is max protein, the truth is that I have tried other flavors and I would say that I like almost all of them
    Delicious and delicious oatmeal is max protein, the truth is that I have tried other flavors and I would say that I like almost all of them
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