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Grandmas bbq sauces 0% - 290ml

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Make your meals a different flavor with this low-calorie dressing that also lacks added sugars.

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    0% Grandma's BBQ Sauce from Max Protein

    Max Protein's 0% Grandma's BBQ Sauce is a tasty, low-calorie condiment made with 100% natural ingredients and no added sugar. They are dressings created with 100% natural ingredients, low in calories and without added sugar.

    Meet the authentic American flavors of Max Protein BBQ Sauce 0%

    • One of its tastiest proposals in the TENNESSEE sauce, ideal to enjoy with a slow fire barbecue or with a spicy chicken.
    • You can also delight in the KENTUCKY sauce made with honey and cider. It goes very well with the famous Kentucky chicken and with various meats and vegetables.
    • The LOUSIANA version combines yellow mustard and selected spices. It is the flavor that accompany characteristic recipes of the United States such as gumbo soups and that go very well with various sandwiches, or Po'boy sandwiches.
    • If you want something different, you should try the ALOHA sauce, made with tomato and pineapple, which will bring the flavor of Hawaiian foods to your palate.
    • To this we must add the OHIO STYLE that has a touch of garlic and hot chili. It is an ideal dressing for all types of grilled meats, grilled vegetables, or prepared with rice or pasta.
    • In the same way, you have the VIRGINIA sauce that carries the taste of selected spices and smoked anchovies, which will give a different taste to your meats and salads.

    No matter what you are eating, you have a line of varied, appetizing and very healthy dressings!

    Characteristics of Grandma's 0% BBQ Sauce

    • Made with 100% natural ingredients.
    • They have low calories
    • It lacks added sugars.

    Recommended consumption of Grandma's 0% BBQ Sauce

    • To add to meals to suit the consumer.

    Customer reviews: Grandmas bbq sauces 0% - 290ml

    30 Reviews
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    3 stars
    I love these sauces, especially the Mexican and barbecue ones. I recommend la pendeja and ohio
    One of the best sauces you have around here, it is very good in almost all its variants, I still have some left to try.
    Although they are not zero calorie sauces as such, the flavors I have tried (Louisiana and Ohio) so far are tremendous and bring the dishes to life.
    This sauce is great in all its forms, the quintessential fit barbecue, very, very good.
    Good, very good flavor, and easy to dilute. I was quite surprised by the amount that comes, the bottle is very full
    The aloha version has surprised me a lot, it has a very good exotic touch. I will have to try more flavors.
    Very good sauce without calories, super achieved flavors without a doubt they are my favorite barbecue sauces
    I love them, in the Bcn Taradellas store they have them all so I will try them little by little
    I loved the Virginia version, probably the best in my opinion, the traditional touch of the recipe.
    The sauce is ready to pour it on any dish, it's well done. I said, even in the soup.
    The Virginia flavor is the one I like the most by far, the rest are good but this is another level.
    It stands out above all for its flavor because other sauces of this style are very dodgy. Ohio's Stylo is great
    I've tried them all and it's impossible to decide on one, maybe the aloha, because they're all amazing with that different touch.
    I have tried these sauces at all ago and they are very good, like the typical American sauces and it has a smoky touch that I love to mix with beef burgers for example
    I have tried these sauces at all ago and they are very good, like the typical American sauces and it has a smoky touch that I love to mix with beef burgers for example
    One of the best barbecue sauces, the flavor is very good and they have a good texture, I will repeat
    I've tried the Kentucky version, with rice and red meat, it's wonderful. Eager to try the rest of the versions.
    It seems to me the number one sauce of the barbecue flavor. It's a vice every time I use it I want more
    I have tried Virginia and Louisiana and have been delighted to change a bit from the more traditional brands. highly recommended
    I especially liked the Aloha version, that tropical touch is perfect for red meats.
    Questions and answers
    Estoy interesado en adquirir esta salsa, hace años probé las de otra marca, creo que Walden, pero había detalles que no me llegaban a encajar del todo. ¿Cómo es la consistencia de estas salsas, muy líquida o densa?
    2021-06-18 16:07:23 Raúl
    buenas tardes, la textura es media y el sabor espectacular. un saludo
    2021-06-18 17:00:06 CRISTOBAL
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