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Gloves with MM Fit Wristband - MASmusculo

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Gloves with MM Fit Wristband from MASmusculo is a sports accessory made of premium materials and soft to the touch, whose main objective is to help improve the grip in your hands during workout routines. Furthermore, Gloves with MM Fit Wristband from MASmusculo are reinforced to protect the wrist area.

      Optimize your grip and protect your hands during workouts by wearing Gloves with MM Fit Wristband from MASmusculo!

      It is essential for every athlete to have accessories that not only allow them to train more effectively and comfortably, but also help them protect the most sensitive areas of their body. Sports gloves are an important and necessary equipment when training, as they help to improve the grip of your hand, reduce the appearance of future injuries, take care of personal hygiene and avoid the formation of calluses and wounds in your hands.

      Gloves with MM Fit Wristband from MASmusculo is a sports accessory made of durable and resistant materials that allow you to optimize and enjoy a better grip, avoid discomfort and protect your joints from future injuries while doing your workouts.

      Gloves with MM Fit Wristband from MASmusculo is designed with comfortable materials, soft to the touch and resistant, which guarantees they remain in optimal conditions after a long time of use. On the other hand, Gloves with MM Fit Wristband from MASmusculo has a flexible design and a band with velcro closure. It is ideal to protect your wrists during workouts and thus withstand the most demanding and hard lifts without causing too much strain on your hands and wrists.

      Similarly, Gloves with MM Fit Wristband from MASmusculo are adaptable for any type of workout, from holding medium dumbbells, lifting weights or metal bars, making use of gym machines.

      Gloves with MM Fit Wristband from MASmusculo offers a fresh, light and comfortable feeling, in addition to a breathable technology that allows your hands to release moisture and sweat, which prevents the accumulation of unpleasant odors and bacteria.

      Gloves with MM Fit Wristband from MASmusculo is the ideal accessory for every athlete committed to their health, physical appearance and who wants to take care of their hands and wrists from wounds, abrasions, hardness and future injuries.

      What are the main characteristics of Gloves with MM Fit Wristband from MASmusculo?

      • Gloves with MM Fit Wristband from MASmusculo are sports gloves made of materials that are pleasant to touch, resistant and durable.
      • Ideal to use during weightlifting and dumbbells.
      • Reduce the appearance of chafing, wounds and hardness on the skin of your hands.
      • Gloves with MM Fit Wristband from MASmusculo have a band with velcro closure that holds and protects your wrists from future injuries.
      • Improve grip and reduce discomfort during your workout sessions.
      • Prevent the accumulation of bad and unpleasant odors.
      • Have a modern design and attractive color.

      Gloves with MM Fit Wristband from MASmusculo are designed with resistant materials and are ideal for all those athletes looking for a quality accessory that allows them to better train and at the same time protect your hands from pain, avoid injuries and calluses on the skin. Gloves with MM Fit Wristband from MASmusculo are the accessory that should not be missing in your workout sessions.

      Recommended use : as a sports accessory, use firmly when doing your workout sessions.

      Customer reviews: Gloves with MM Fit Wristband - MASmusculo

      35 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      Very good gloves, they are of good quality although they are not the best but they are very cheap and druan
      Very good gloves, they are cheap and protect quite well, they are also comfortable, I will repeat without a doubt
      The wrist holds the joint much better than I expected and the material is of good quality.
      Wonderful, the truth is that I have been with them for 2 months, they fit super well and are like new.
      A very good quality of material, it feels resistant and, during the first training sessions using them, the built-in wrist strap holds the joint very well, guaranteeing its firmness and safety. Very happy with the purchase and a fairly fast shipping despite the chaotic situation we are experiencing.
      Since I tried to train with a wristband I feel much more comfortable and I have no discomfort, so now I wear gloves with a wristband
      Good buy, always with wrist problems and this glove has a good reinforcement for that area and resistant material.
      Spectacular how well the mfit plus muscle gloves go, I did not expect less from these great brand and of very good quality
      very comfortable, very good quality, quite cool and durable, unbeatable price, hooks to help get them out of the hand 10pts
      Good gloves to protect joints, especially in exercises like rows and presses, good
      Good gloves that have a small wristband that is ideal in case you have any discomfort since you can tighten it quite a bit
      Very good protection and support offered by these gloves in the joint, in addition to a comfortable grip, preventing bars and / or dumbbells from slipping due to the sweat of the hand. Very happy with the product and with the attention from the MM team, who helped me choose the correct size ^^
      They go well for the gym, what I appreciate the most is that to take them off they have a super comfortable handle.
      The gloves are amazing, they came as a gift with a large order and I bought them later for my son, very good quality and comfortable.
      spectacular how well these gloves go and quality ratio a 10 I did not expect less than more muscle
      How well these gloves suit me, it is seen that they are of very good quality and are very hard and above all cheap
      They are perfect for me, I appreciate the handle to take them off, they are comfortable and fit very well.
      They have a very good quality and seem to be quite resistant. The support it offers for the wrist is very good, noting the very firm and compact joint.
      quite good, quite resistant, one of the best options in relation to quality and price, it brings very good wristbands
      High quality gloves that fulfill their function very well, therefore you have to buy it
      Questions and answers
      Qué talla puedo coger según mi mano , vienen justos o grandes. Gracias
      2021-09-29 23:18:13 Carlos Reig
      Hola Carlos tal y como planteas la pregunta es algo complicada contestarla. No podemos saber como es tu mano. Si supiese como es tu mano, o tuviese un punto de referencia te podría decir. Lo que si te puedo decir que es mejor que te quede justo a que te quede grande. Justo de no poder cerrar la mano no, justo de poder cerrarla bien. Gracias por confiar en Más Músculo.
      2021-09-30 10:11:26 CRISTOBAL
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      ¿Cómo puedo saber que talla necesito? ¿Podéis indicarme dimensiones para el contorno de la palma de la mano?
      2021-07-08 14:40:35 diego
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