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Creatine micronized - 500g

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Micronized Creatine from MASmusculo Fit Line helps increase muscle mass, strength and endurance during physical training. This is thanks to its formula based on 100% micronized creatine monohydrate of high purity, with excellent solubility and free of additives.

      Micronized Creatine from MASmusculo Fit Line

      • It is a powdered food supplement based on 100% creatine monohydrate.

      • Creatine is a compound naturally present in the muscles of the human body, created from the union of three amino acids: glycine, arginine and methionine.

      Why take Micronized Creatine from MASmusculo Fit Line

      • It is taken as a pre-workout to improve sports performance, especially in exercises of great intensity and short duration.

      • Helps increase muscle mass, strength and endurance during training.

      Why buy Micronized Creatine ?

      • It is powdered creatine with a high degree of purity and underwent a micronized process, which guarantees a highly soluble product with a high assimilation capacity.

      • It has no additives or contaminants.

      • It is creatine monohydrate, the most studied form regarding its effectiveness.

      • It has no flavor, so it is perfect to combine with other food supplements or pre-workout formulas.

      • Ideal to combine with natural caffeine, beta alanine and citrulline malate.

      • 100% pure and natural.

      How is Micronized Creatine taken?

      • Mix 3 g preferably with a drink rich in carbohydrates (glucose or dextrose).

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      Customer reviews: Creatine micronized - 500g

      7 Reviews
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      4 stars
      a very good quality creatine the truth is that since I take it every day I am progressing more
      The best creatine I've ever tried is going great and I'm gaining muscle mass by 10!!!
      One of the best creatines on the market, without a doubt, it is the best of all that I have tried.
      A very good quality of this creatine is noted, a very fine powder and easy to mix. Results, the same as any creapure seal.
      Great, with how difficult it is to find creatine and on top of that here it has a pretty good price.
      The price is crazy, half a kilo for this price and quality is no longer available anywhere.
      Excellent value for money, essential supplement for improving performance and strength.
      Questions and answers
      Lleva dosificador?
      2023-01-23 14:47:10 Antonia
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      en el mensaje anterior, la respuesta de Jose Antonio, dice que ya no se hacen fase de carga con la creatina monohidrato, y que se acostubra hacer dosis diaria de 5 gramos todos los dias. pero en la etiqueta del producto pone que la dosis diaria recomendada es de 3g. y abajo del todo pone WARNING no superar la dosis diaria expresamente recomendada. porque pone "warning no pasar de la dosis recomendada de 3g"???????? un saludo.
      2022-12-16 10:58:35 ivan
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      Hola es apta para veganos ,gracias
      2022-06-26 18:07:36 Marga Gazquez Hernández
      Hola Marga Es un producto que no proviene de ninguna fuente animal Saludos
      2022-06-27 09:59:45 Masmusculo
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      Não requer fase de carga?
      2022-06-17 10:36:08 Wilson Reis
      Olá Wilson, a fase de carregamento não costuma mais ser feita com monohidrato de creatina. Eles costumam tomar 5 gramas por dia todos os dias com algo doce para poder absorvê-lo melhor. Felicidades
      2022-06-17 10:49:54 Jose Antonio
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      ¿Se puede tomar junto con un termogénico antes de entrenar o es contradictorio? Gracias
      2022-03-28 20:27:41 Elena
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