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Carbo Complex from MASmusculo Fit Line is an intra-workout food supplement that provides an excellent drink based on carbohydrates with electrolytes. Contributes to the supply of energy during intense physical activity; In addition, it helps normal muscle function.

      Carbo Complex from MASmusculo Fit Line

      • It is a powdered food preparation that provides a carbohydrate-based drink of high quality and optimal absorption. Synergistically enriched with electrolytes (a unique mix on the market).

      • It has a combination of 3 state-of-the-art simple carbohydrates such as maltodextrin, fructose and dextrose, to be used by the body as a primary source of energy and are quickly digested and absorbed.

      • Contains calcium, magnesium and potassium, minerals that help maintain electrolyte balance in the body and optimal hydration.

      Why take Carbo Complex from MASmusculo Fit Line

      • It is taken to help increase energy during intense physical activity.

      • Contributes to normal muscle function.

      • Helps maintain bones in normal conditions.

      • Helps improve sports performance.

      Why buy Carbo Complex ?

      • It has carbohydrates that are rapidly absorbed to provide the body with immediate energy.

      • There is nothing like it on the market.

      • Ideal for sports or endurance training.

      • Perfect to carry in your bike bottle and thus keep you hydrated during training.

      • It is an easily dissolved powder.

      • It comes in a nice lemon flavor.

      • It is perfect to combine with other MASmusculo Fit Line products such as creatine, glutamine, caffeine, etc.

      • 100% natural.

      You will get more energy to get a better performance when training”

      next generation carbohydrates

      • It has a combination of 3 simple carbohydrates of the latest generation such as maltodextrin, fructose and dextrose.

      • They act synergistically to be used by the body as a primary source of energy.

      • They are quickly digested and absorbed for better effectiveness and do not cause digestive discomfort.


      • It contains calcium, magnesium and potassium, natural electrolytes that help replace everything lost with sweat.

      • They contribute to optimal hydration.

      • They act synergistically with carbohydrates to help provide energy during physical training.

      How is Carbo Complex taken?

      • Mix 50 g (1 scoop of 90 ml) with 300-500 ml of water and take once a day, preferably before training.

      Biography / Scientific Studies

      Customer reviews: Carbo complex - 1kg

      7 Reviews
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      4 stars
      This supplement is similar to waxy maize, but I notice that digestion is better. Good price
      very good product I recommend it is not expensive and it is effective the truth goes very well this brand never goes wrong oi
      I have loved the product, it is very noticeable in the pre and post-workout, in addition to the fact that it feels wonderful and tastes good.
      Carbohydrates to absorb at different speeds, I use it at various times as intra and post-workout
      Whenever I have a long bike ride I use this supplement, it gives me the energy I need to train with intensity.
      the most complete carbohydrates on the market and that are not reabsorbed as fat, ideal as a pre or intra workout
      Good energy supply when taking it during training, it gives you more duration in the weight session
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      Que cantidad y cuántas veces e de tomar
      2022-06-19 15:00:18 Jose
      Hola Jose Dependera de las calorias que lleve en su dieta. Consultelo con su dietista Saludos
      2022-06-20 10:08:02 Juanjo
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