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Caffeine - 150g

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Caffeine from Masmusculo Fit Line is natural caffeine powder with good solubility, 100% pure and suitable for vegans. Ideal for use as pre-training in highly demanding sports.

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      Caffeine from MASmusculo Fit Line

      • It is a powdered food supplement based on natural anhydrous caffeine, 100% pure and of great quality.

      • Caffeine is an alkaloid (compound of plant origin) present in plants such as coffee, tea or cola nuts, widely used in sports.

      What is Caffeine from MASmusculo Fit Line taken for?

      • It is used as a pre-training in highly demanding sports.

      • It serves as a stimulant.
      • Helps improve performance in endurance sports.

      • Helps reduce the perception of fatigue.

      • Helps maintain concentration and focus.

      Why buy Caffeine ?

      • It is ideal for high resistance athletes such as: triathletes, cyclists, among others, especially in times of fatigue.

      • It is a stimulant widely used by athletes and by society in general
      • Due to its excellent powder format, it is ideal for combining with other compounds in pre-training formulas.

      • Easily dissolves.

      • It has high bioavailability.

      • It is suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.

      How is caffeine taken?

      • Mix 200 mg with water and consume 1 time per day.

      Warnings : Do not exceed the recommended dose. This product does not contain a dispenser.

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      Customer reviews: Caffeine - 150g

      3 Reviews
      It is much cheaper than buying it in pills, I share half the bag with my boyfriend and well
      It spreads a lot and is a very good product and, above all, quick to take effect. A special scale is necessary to accurately measure the dose.
      Very good product, wonderful, as long as you have a precision scale to measure the quantity well.
      Questions and answers
      Ce produit ne fait aucun effet! Ce n'est pas pas de la caféine ce n'est pas possible! Quand je prends un booster avec 300mg de caféine je ressent une grosse claque, avec cette caféine je ressens absolument rien! C'est de la merde! Je commence à avoir un gros doute sur les produit massmusculo, c'est peut-être pour ça qu'ils peuvent faire des prix aussi bas. Tiens d'ailleurs où sont les preuves des contrôles qualité établies par des laboratoire indépendant?
      2022-06-27 00:20:17 GREG
      Bonjour Greg, avec le numéro de lot et la date de consommation, vous pouvez vérifier l'originalité du produit directement auprès de la marque. Si vous avez d'autres questions, vous pouvez contacter le service client. https://www.masmusculo.fr/contactez-nous
      2022-06-27 11:53:56 Jose Antonio
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