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Premium Organic Whisky - 700ml

Sale forbidden to those under age 18. Premium Organic Whisky from Martes Santo is prepared using completely traditional methods. Furthermore, its raw material are 100% organic cereals, cultivated in the conventional way, without pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. It is aged during four years in little barrels that previously have been impregnated with cognac.

    Premium Organic Whisky from Martes Santo

    Premium Organic Whisky from Martes Santo is an extremely special alcoholic drink. In the first place, it must be indicated that it is produced by a company that only uses traditional methods of distillation, such the use of distillers of copper warmed up directly with firewood of holm oak. To this is added that the main feature of this drink is that it made from 100% organic cereals. The latter means that they have been obtained using methods of traditional cultivations, without using pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or with some type of genetic manipulation.

    Furthermore, its production process is based on grain and barley, which results in an excellent and tasty grape juice. That preparation is aged for four years in splendid barrels, which previously contained cognac to impregnate them with the taste and aroma of it during a minimal 9000-day time. All this long, detailed and careful process, gives as a result one of the best whiskies of the market, very superior to other similar products, because this one without a doubt delight the senses authentically. That's why, it is completely recommended for those who they love the high-level alcoholic drinks.

    There are few products that offer the chance of tasting a different whisky, with traditional taste and elaborated with completely organic ingredients. This is precisely the option that Premium Organic Whisky from Martes Santo gives you. It is an exquisite alcoholic drink, with a high degree of purity. For its production only handmade-like methods are used, since it is made using distillers of copper warmed up with firewood and by means of vapor, which gives a little different touch to the resulting grape juice. Nevertheless, its most important value is that it is made from organic cereals, which is why it is guaranteed that they come from a traditional cultivation, without traces of chemical substances that can alter the taste of whisky. That it is aged of little barrels that have been impregnated with cognac, which gives a distinctive and original taste.

    Facts of Premium Organic Whisky from Martes Santo

    • Excellent taste
    • Made using traditional methods
    • Produced in copper distillers warmed up with firewood
    • Made from 100% organic cereals
    • Natural raw material, without traces of pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers
    • Aged during four years in little barrels
    • Little barrels impregnated with cognac to give a little different taste
    • A different whisky, of very original taste

    Thanks to this product you can taste a magnificent whisky, made using completely traditional methods and 100% organic and top-quality cereals. Ideal to taste or to share in social events.

    Recommended use: put the lid on once taken it off, consuming slowly to feel its taste and exquisite aroma.

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