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Snickers hi-protein - 55g

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Snickers Hi-Protein by Mars Protein is a delicious protein-based bar, and it is a pleasure that you do not have to deprive yourself of. This delicacy has a caramel coating with peanuts and an exquisite chocolate coating. Enjoy a sweetness that has a very low influence on your body weight and that you can afford to consume, even if you are on a diet.

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    Snickers Hi-Protein by Mars Protein is a must-have snack with caramel, peanuts and chocolate. It's a one-of-a-kind treat you can eat, even if you're taking care of yourself!

    Snickers Hi-Protein from Mars Protein are delicious bars and each one will contribute 20 g of protein to your diet. It also has a peanut caramel coating, along with a delicious chocolate coating. It is a healthy snack that will not make you fat. In fact, it will provide you with amino acids, which are excellent for gaining strength and building your muscles.

    What is Snickers Hi-Protein de Mars ?

    • It is made on the basis of proteins.
    • It has caramel, peanuts and chocolate.
    • It has a low level of calories.

    What's in every Snickers Hi-Protein from Mars ?

    Snickers Hi-Protein by Mars Protein, comes in a container that has a chocolate coated bar.

    The specifications for each unit are as follows:

    • It contains 213 kcal.
    • It contains only 7.4 g of fat including 2.8 g of saturated fat.
    • It has 20 g of carbohydrates that include 9.5 sugars.
    • Provides 22 g of protein.

    These values may vary with the chosen bar flavor.

    How are Mars Snickers Hi-Protein bars?

    Snickers Hi-Protein by Mars is a delicious and nutritious bar that you can eat at any time, regardless of whether you are following a rigorous meal plan. It is made with protein, so it offers an excellent range of benefits for your diet. It tastes delicious as it is coated in a luscious layer of peanut caramel, along with a luscious chocolate coating. This gives it an irresistible flavor, while offering a really low impact on body weight. This is why you can try it even if you are on a slimming diet.

    Enjoy something sweet that will help you control your cravings and also complement your daily diet favorably. Snickers Hi-Protein has delicious ingredients, but low in calories. It is an ideal snack to enjoy moderately between meals or as a snack that you can take with you wherever you want. Enjoy its delicious flavor, achieved with very healthy ingredients and that therefore will not increase too much with your body volume. Delight yourself with this bar with excellent taste and a healthy composition.

    If you like chocolate and peanuts, you won't regret trying these Snickers Hi-Protein from Mars Protein. Do not stay with the desire to eat a treat like this. If you are training, this bar is a very pleasant way that you can incorporate proteins into your body. It can be an ideal snack to consume after training. And if you are looking for an allowance in your diet, this bar is one of the best options you will find.

    How to consume this Snickers Hi-Protein bar?

    • Taste moderately.
    • Preferably eat up to 2 bars per day.

    Customer reviews: Snickers hi-protein - 55g

    27 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    3 stars
    It gives the hit perfectly as if it were a snicker of all life and also with protein
    A rich healthy snack with which to get rid of the sweet tooth. A little expensive to consume on a regular basis.
    Incredible flavor, nothing to envy to that found in supermarkets, somewhat high price but for a whim from time to time it's fine.
    delicious this bar since the truth is that the flavor is worth it and with good values
    I have found this wonder, my favorite chocolate but in a healthy format. What a joy to know that this exists. After my training I always eat one, a delight.
    I have found this wonder, my favorite chocolate but in a healthy format. What a joy to know that this exists. After my training I always eat one, a delight.
    Very good protein bar, the flavor is unbeatable and it has good macros, I will definitely repeat
    Riquisimooooos, the one with crazy white chocolate, it seems that you are eating the Snickers of a lifetime, perfect to relax your diet a bit.
    Riquisimooooos, the one with crazy white chocolate, it seems that you are eating the Snickers of a lifetime, perfect to relax your diet a bit.
    They taste really good, they are like the original ones and I hardly notice any difference.
    Delicious, every time I place an order I buy these bars, perfect for between meals and calm the anxiety of sweets.
    Like the classic snickers but with less sugar and more protein. The truth is that they give the hit and they are very good
    I love the brand and this flavor. Very successful, the truth is that they are great and you can take them anywhere
    These bars are pure vice, although their price makes them prohibitive. They are really successful and their taste is identical to the original. Say, also, that they are not the ones with the best macros.
    The taste is identical to the traditional chocolate bar. On the contrary, they are not the best values or the best ingredients to eat it daily.
    Very good bar one of the best I've tried, a very successful flavor and good macros
    They are good and successful in flavor and texture, but it is true that the macros are not good.
    A "fit" alternative to the original Snickers bar. Very rich, but I would recommend sporadic consumption.
    Very rich as a protein snack. The worst, its high price.
    They are a vice, they are very well achieved in resemblance to the originals but these are protein
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