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Mars is a large family company based in McLean, Virginia, which is dedicated to the production of food products for people and pets, through its various subsidiary companies which are committed to making products and delivering top quality services, efficiently and with the greatest respect for the consumer.

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PRIME DAYS10% dtoMars hi-protein - 59g
Mars Hi-Protein - 59gProtein Bars
Mars Hi-Protein from Mars is a dietary supplement that has been made by the prestigious brand...
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PRIME DAYS39% dtoSnickers Hi-Protein Powder - 875 g Mars Protein - 1
Snickers Hi-Protein Powder - 875 gWhey Protein
Snicker Hi-Protein Powder from Mars Protein is a delicious food supplement that offers a...
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Snickers hi-protein - 55g
Snickers hi-protein - 55gProtein Bars
Snickers Hi-Protein by Mars Protein is a delicious protein-based bar, and it is a pleasure that...
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PRIME DAYS10% dtoBounty protein flapjack - 60g
Bounty Protein Flapjack - 60 gProtein Bars
Bounty Protein Flapjack from Mars is a delicious protein bar that is ideal for frequent...
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PRIME DAYS10% dtoTwix Hi-Protein Powder - 875 g Mars Protein - 1
Twix Hi-Protein Powder - 875 gWhey Protein
Twix Hi-Protein Power from Mars Protein is a food supplement that provides excellent protein...
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Mars was founded in Tacoma, Washington, in 1911 by Frank C. Mars, who produced the first Mars chocolates in his kitchen, beginning the history of this great company. In 1920, Frank's son, Forrest E. Mars joined the company and together with his father to created the famous Milky Way® chocolate candy bar, then in 1930 Forrest traveled to the UK to expand his business in European lands, using the principle of "reciprocity of benefits", to this day, this principle applies throughout the Mars Incorporated group.

Currently, Mars has its global operations base in the city of McLean, Virginia, with net sales of $ 35 billion dollars, as well as having 5 major commercial segments, such as: Mars-Wrigley Confectionery, Wrigley, Food, Petcare, Beverages and Symbioscience. In this way Mars offers quality and value in all its products and services around the world, having offices and factories in more than 74 countries, helping to meet the needs of millions of people and pets.

Mars Incorporated is based on 5 fundamental principles:

Quality: The consumer is the boss, so that a great quality is their products and services is the standard and not the exception. The first ingredient of the products made by Mars is human capital.

Responsibility: All partners are required to take direct responsibility for their actions, so that they have a staff and associates with a high ethical standard.

Mutuality: Mutual benefit is shared benefit, and that benefit will last. In this way Mars commits to obtain its achievements in a way that does not harm to the others.

Efficiency: Mars uses 100% of resources, and squeezes out the ingredients it uses. Efficiency is essential for maximum productivity.

Freedom: Freedom is essential to our future. Prosperity and quality are achieved through freedom, not the resignation of it, so Mars remains a family company from the beginning.

Mars meets those principles to moral, economic, social and industrial level, so that each product leaving the various factories that owns Mars Incorporated and its subsidiaries around the world, come with a seal of quality which is only used to stand out the best ingredients (such as chewing gum, cocoa or sugar cane), following the strictest food production standards in line with European legislation, providing only top quality products for people and pets. Mars Incorporated is located in Spain through the subsidiaries Royal Canin (care and feeding of pets) and Cafosa (chewing gum).