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Usb Ultra Nebuliser + Synergy - 30ml

USB Ultra Nebuliser + Synergy by Marnys offers you a specialised device for the environmental diffusion of essential oils and natural essences. It is perfect for creating a different atmosphere at home. It repels insects from your environment in a natural way, purifying the air you breathe. You can have an energetic or relaxing moment, just by choosing the effect you prefer.

    USB Ultra Nebuliser + Synergy by Marnys, a unique combination that will transform each space of your house.

    USB Ultra Nebuliser + Synergy by Marnys will help you to boost the air you breathe. Get a specialised device, especially created to get the benefits of natural oils through microdroplets that stay for a longer time in the air. You can also choose between four kinds of natural essences that will create a new atmosphere at home, known as Repell, Purify, Energy and Relax. Each one will provide you with different effects that will adapt to your needs in each moment with natural benefits. They will make your home a different place, a very pleasant one both physically and mentally. You will feel a change in vibrations of your house.

    Keep mosquitoes and different insects out of your rooms with USB Ultra Nebuliser + Synergy by Marnys. If you use this diffuser device with Repell essence, you will get a natural way to keep this type of insects away. This is thanks to its combination of lemon, eucalyptus, geranium and citronella. At the same time, you can fight bacteria and different health threats with Purify oil. You will enjoy a very pleasant aroma since it contains Mint, Citrus, Rosemary and Clove. It can also eliminate strong and unpleasant odours such as tobacco or those originated in the kitchen.

    In addition, it can change the energies of each environment with USB Ultra Nebuliser + Synergy by Marnys. After a stressful day, you can use Relax fragrance. It will help you to relax yourself thanks to the aroma provided by Orange, Marjoram, Lavandin, Tangerine, and Camphor. If you need energy to start a new day or improve your level of attention, you can use the Energy essence. It will fight any feeling of fatigue with a pleasant smell of Orange, Lemon, Ylang Ylang and Litsea. You just have to open the bottle of your favourite oil and use it with the nebulizer. You will get all the wonderful benefits.

    Benefits of USB Ultra Nebuliser + Synergy by Marnys

    • It has a USB diffuser.
    • It repels insects with Repell oil.
    • It can increase your energy with the Energy fragrance.
    • It promotes relaxation with the Relax essence.
    • It purifies the environment with Purify oil

    USB Ultra Nebuliser + Synergy by Marnys will provide new sensations and energies to each room of your house. This device is very easy to use. Depending on the frequency you choose, USB Ultra Nebuliser + Synergy by Marnys will diffuse the benefits of essential oils and fragrances with microdroplets. Just connect it to a USB terminal, and let it do its magic at home. You can easily transport it wherever you want to change the air and vitality.

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