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Lendremar - 100ml

Lendremar by Marnys is an excellent, highly effective pediculicide that successfully removes lice and nits from the first application and in just fifteen minutes. In addition, it does not irritate the scalp or eyes, while at the same time it protects and maintains the capillary structure with each use, restoring and rebalancing the microflora of the important scalp. It includes a comb or comb with grooved teeth that notably removes nits and lice from the roots of the hair, to ensure a 100 percent effective treatment.

    Lendremar de Marnys: Eliminates lice and nits with natural and biological ingredients

    The formulation of this Lendremar from Marnys is unique and innovative combining natural ingredients and organic farming: Tea Tree, Quassia Vinegar, Neem and Lavender, which effectively act against lice and nits, with α-glucan oligosaccharide (prebiotic), which contributes to the protection of the hair and scalp.

    This exclusive prebiotic ingredient present in Marnys Lendremar maintains the natural and normal flora of the important scalp, thus avoiding possible bacterial or fungal infections that can be caused by scratching due to lice infestation.

    Effective formula without chemical insecticides, does not irritate the scalp and protects the hair structure.

    Essential aspects of this Lendremar de Marnys

    • It is indicated to be used in adults and children from 2 years of age.
    • Clinically and thoroughly tested under conditions of use. The clinical study verifies the important effectiveness to be able to eliminate lice and nits from the first application.
    • The grooved barb scrubber is quite essential to obtain a one hundred percent effective treatment, eliminating nits and lice from the root of the hair by mechanical effect.

    Components and format of the Lendremar de Marnys

    It comes in a 100 ml container

    Among the ingredients present in this Lendremar de Marnys we can find the following:

    • Neem oil and beneficial tea tree oil
    • Quassia wood extract, lavender flower water, vinegar and alpha-glucan oligosaccharide

    What is achieved with this Lendremar de Marnys?

    • It avoids resistance, thanks to its effective and characteristic mechanism of action since it does not contain traditional insecticides.
    • Without the annoying effects of other similar treatments, since with its application it does not irritate the eyes or the scalp.
    • Its composition with one hundred percent vegetable ingredients, without chemical insecticides, makes it very respectful not only with the important scalp but also with the environment.

    Recommended daily dose of Lendremar de Marnys

    Correct application is key to its effectiveness, that is why it is necessary to follow the instructions for use in detail and respect the application times.

    The use of the scrubber is essential to achieve maximum efficiency.

    • Observe the possible existence of live lice and nits in all members of the family using the ribbed fiddle on dry hair. Apply the lotion, in those people who are infested, the same day to increase the effectiveness and avoid reinfestation.
    • Completely cover the shoulders of the person with a clean towel, shake the Lendremar de Marnys well to mix before applying it and spray carefully at a distance of 10 cm on the dry hair, thus covering the entire surface of the same, and it should be allowed to act during 15 minutes.
    • Wash the hair very well with cosmetic shampoo and rinse very thoroughly with plenty of fresh water.
    • Carefully pass the planter included in this Marnys Lendremar to eliminate the lice. After combing each section, the scrubber should be washed very well and dried in order to remove hair, lice and nits.
    • It is highly recommended to check for live lice and nits at 7 days and again at 14 days, and repeat steps 1 through 4.
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