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Veggie pack - ManaFoods


This new product, Veggie Pack by ManaFoods, is an excellent selection of the best vegetarian and vegan dishes of this prestigious brand. You will have a variety of ready-to-heat meals, and enjoy at home these high quality ingredients with a perfect balance of macronutrients and a delicious flavour.

Enjoy the most delicious and nutritious vegetarian and vegan dishes, with the selection of meals in the Veggie Pack by ManaFoods

Vegan food is characterized by being extremely healthy and nutritious for those who have preferred to eat under this diet, which increasingly attracts more people to enjoy health and organism benefits that vegetables offer. That is why for vegans and vegetarians, ManaFoods has selected a variety of the best dishes of this type that exist in the brand, and include them in an extraordinary pack that you can purchase to enjoy in the comfort of your home. . With the Veggie Pack from ManaFoods you can enjoy different and varied preparations, with an excellent flavor, quality organic farming ingredients, but above all with a carefully studied nutritional value to offer you the best for your body and of course for your health. Wait no more, and buy your Veggie Pack from ManaFoods, and enjoy the benefits and extraordinary properties of quality vegan and vegetarian food.

What is Veggie Pack by ManaFoods?

  • It offers a careful selection of excellent vegan and vegetarian dishes
  • It contains different meals to enjoy in your daily diet
  • It is made with the best quality organic vegetables
  • It has excellent nutritional value
  • It provides a good amount of macronutrients per serving
  • It is a highly healthy and nutritious meal
  • Meals are packaged with specific technology that keeps its freshness
  • You just have to heat it up and enjoy
  • It helps to improve your health
  • It promotes a healthier diet
  • It does not contain artificial ingredients
  • It does not contain preservatives
  • It has an extraordinary flavour
  • It is ready to eat whenever and wherever you want it
  • It includes balanced meals

What is in each Veggie Pack by ManaFoods?

Veggie Pack by ManaFoods is a careful combination of the best vegan and vegetarian meals with a vacuum packing so you can microwave it and enjoy it without spending too much time in the kitchen.

Veggie Pack by ManaFoods is made with vegetable ingredients from clean crops that guarantee the quality of each of the ingredients that you will have in your daily meals.


What is Veggie Pack by ManaFoods taken for?

Veggie Pack by ManaFoods offers you all the benefits of vegan and vegetarian food, with different flavours and its large amount of nutrients and macronutrients. All of them, make it a highly healthy pack that will help you to improve your health, keep a balanced and nutritious diet, and to take advantage of all the benefits of vegetables.

Veggie Pack by ManaFoods can be eaten by any type of person, but it is especially for those who follow diets based on vegetables or non-animal ingredients.

Veggie Pack by ManaFoods

  • Heat it up in the microwave and eat it
  • It is used to eat at breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack
  • You can eat it everyday
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