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Definition pack - ManaFoods


Definition Pack by ManaFoods has been created especially for you if you need muscle definition which implies a mixture of physical exercises and a good diet. ManaFoods works hard to offer you the most delicious combinations with high quality proteins provided by a healthy diet in order to achieve your goals and at the same time, feel good.

    Pack content
    Duo de morenito de chocolate 0% - Mana Foods ManaFoods - 1
    1 x Duo de morenito de chocolate 0% - Mana Foods
    Cold vegetable penne salad - ManaFoods ManaFoods - 1
    1 x Cold vegetable penne salad - ManaFoods
    Pesto chicken - Mana Foods ManaFoods - 1
    1 x Pesto chicken - Mana Foods
    Marinated Beef with Potato Roast Garnish - Mana Foods ManaFoods - 1
    1 x Marinated Beef with Potato Roast Garnish - Mana Foods
    Zucchini pasta with chicken strips - Mana Foods ManaFoods - 1
    1 x Zucchini pasta with chicken strips - Mana Foods
    Salmon with brocoli - Mana Foods ManaFoods - 1
    1 x Salmon with brocoli - Mana Foods
    Mixed Tortilla with Turkey and Vegetables ManaFoods - 1
    1 x Mixed Tortilla with Turkey and Vegetables
    Coliflor pure chicken ManaFoods - 1
    1 x Coliflor pure chicken

    Find time for your workouts and ManaFoods does the rest for you. This Definition Pack is just what you need to be fit.

    ManaFoods has highly qualified experts in the area of ​​nutrition to select and combine delicious dishes that perfectly adapt to your food needs. ManaFoods creates healthy meals for different types of diet. This Definition Pack is a healthy alternative since it contains an extraordinary combination of chicken, egg, avocados, veal, zucchini, oatmeal, broccoli, turkey, vegetables, among other ingredients. It is perfect to be consumed at any meal due to its fresh flavour and its great contributions to the toning of your body mass.

    What is the Definition Pack by the ManaFoods?

    • It has an exquisite flavour thanks to the selection of fresh ingredients for its preparation.
    • It is a protein and vitamin source.
    • The combination of nutrients in each dish helps you to tone your muscle mass up.
    • It provides a healthy and balanced diet.
    • It provides folic acid, and minerals such as magnesium, iron, selenium, and zinc.
    • It is high quality prepared food.
    • It has an easy storage and durability.
    • Orders are adapted to your needs and tastes

    What does the Definition Pack by ManaFoods provide?

    Each Definition Pack container by Mana Food will immediately catch your attention. It contains the most exquisite types of foods selected for their freshness and quality. They are practical, resistant and easy to carry without food spills. In addition, they are perfect to share and they keep the heat longer while preserving its delicious flavour.

    The most used ingredients in the preparation of the dishes are: eggs, avocado, oats, red fruits, lean meats, salmon, broccoli, zucchini, vegetables, potatoes, vegetables, among others.

    Why trying this Definition Pack by ManaFoods?

    ManaFoods, is focused on supporting all the initiatives to keep health in good conditions. That is why, you have this Pack Definition at your disposal. Different useful options to be combined with an exercise routine that will help to achieve all your objectives. Tone your muscle mass up with the energy levels that you daily need and that only a high quality diet can provide.

    Definition Pack by ManaFoods, has attractive containers of a delicious food that you can combine depending on your taste. This product is perfect for those who want to tone their muscle mass up and have decided to combine physical exercise with a healthy diet that meets these requirements. No matter what age, the delicious meals prepared by the experts of Mana Food are an excellent alternative for people like you.

    Definition Pack by ManaFoods 

    • It can be daily consumed, 3 times a day for its high contribution of vitamins, minerals and iron for a healthy life.
    • You can enjoy different dishes that this Definition Pack by ManaFoods offers.
    • Take the right amount depending on the time of day.
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