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Thermo 10 - 90 capsules

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Thermo 10 from Life Pro Nutrition contributes to fat burning and weight loss, also facilitating energy production for better sports performance. It contains an excellent combination of stimulating substances such as caffeine, amino acids and natural plant extracts.

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    LifePRO Thermo 10

    • It is a food supplement in capsules based on a synergistic mixture of 10 stimulating substances, such as: anhydrous caffeine, tyrosine, quercetin, phenylalanine and extracts of green tea, guarana, bitter orange, coleus forskolli, cayenne and black pepper.

    What is LifePRO Thermo 10 taken for?

    • It is taken to enhance the loss of fat in the body.

    • Helps reduce adipose tissue.

    • It helps weight reduction.

    • Thanks to its caffeine content, it can help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

    • Contributes to increased energy levels.

    • Helps increase metabolism.

    • Promotes the use of fatty acids as an energy source.

    • Help reduce appetite.

    • Contributes to better sports performance.

    Why buy Thermo 10 ?

    • It is a thermogenic food supplement that helps burn fat, formulated for anyone who wants to lose weight in a healthy way.

    • Contains a mixture of 10 100% natural ingredients, which act synergistically for superior effectiveness.

    • It comes in easy-to-take, fast-absorbing capsules.

    • It is of 100% natural origin.

    You will be able to reduce your body weight naturally and you will also increase your energy”

    camellia sinensis

    • Green tea dry extract with 50% epigallocatechins (main active component).

    • It helps combat fluid retention and has antioxidant properties.

    • It contributes to the increase in metabolism, which allows fats to be used as fuel.

    anhydrous caffeine

    • Natural caffeine of excellent quality.

    • Contributes to increased strength and endurance in times of muscle fatigue.

    • Contributes to weight loss and body fat.

    • Helps reduce fatigue.

    N-acetyl tyrosine

    • Important amino acid that is involved in the production of melatonin, hormones and catecholamines.

    • Helps control metabolism.

    paulinia guarana

    • Natural guarana extract.

    • It is a source of caffeine that provides energy and helps reduce fatigue.

    • It can boost metabolism.

    citrus arantium

    • Bitter orange dry extract with 50% bioflavonoids

    • Helps control and reduce appetite.

    Coleus forskoli

    • Coleus forskolii dry extract rich in forskolin, its main active component.

    • Increases the metabolism of fats.

    • Helps reduce fat, allowing its use as an energy source.


    • Dry extract of natural cayenne.

    • It favors the reduction of insulin, which allows to reduce blood sugar.

    • It is high in iron and vitamins A, E and C.


    • Compound from vegetables such as broccoli and citrus.

    • It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

    • It can help in the prevention of infections and neurological disorders.


    • Amino acid that has the property of transforming into tyrosine.

    • Helps control the feeling of fullness and reduce appetite.


    • Patented black pepper dry extract.

    • It is rich in phytosterols of plant origin.

    • Helps increase intestinal motility.

    • It contributes to the reduction of cholesterol and optimizes blood circulation.

    How is Thermo 10 taken?

    • Consume 1 to 2 capsules per day.

    • Take between 30-50 minutes before starting physical training.

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    1 Reviews
    Great product, one of the best thermogenics I've tried. Quality ingredients and in very good doses.
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