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Rea - 120 capsules

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Rea from Life Pro Nutrition is a food supplement designed for women, whose formula helps reduce the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome. All this thanks to the fact that it has an excellent combination of magnesium with natural extracts from saffron and chasteberry plants.

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    • It is a food supplement in capsules based on magnesium bisglycinate with extracts from saffron and chasteberry plants.

    • Magnesium is a mineral that favors our state of well-being, since it is involved in more than 300 biochemical reactions within our body.

    • Saffron is a highly valued spice in traditional medicine, as it has a high content of isoflavonoids, which give it numerous beneficial properties for health.

    • Sauzgatillo extract comes from a traditional plant called Agnus Castus and helps combat symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome.

    What is LifePRO Rea taken for?

    • It is taken to help combat the symptoms of PMS.

    • Helps reduce pain or discomfort related to pre-menstrual syndrome.

    • Promotes mood improvement.

    • Helps improve general well-being.

    Why buy Rea ?

    • It has a combination of natural ingredients that act synergistically increasing its bioavailability and effectiveness.

    • It has scientifically backed plant extracts which guarantees its high quality.

    • It comes in easy-to-consume, fast-absorbing capsules.

    • Ideal for women seeking wellness in their health.

    • With safrasol, a patented extract of excellent quality based on the saffron plant, soluble in water and standardized to 10% crocins and 2% safranal.

    How is Rhea taken?

    • Take 2 capsules at breakfast and another 2 at dinner.

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    Hola Alicia Lo puede aliviar, no eliminar Saludos
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