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Endurande cyclo energy gel - 60ml

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Gel Endurande Cyclo Energy Gel from Life Pro Nutrition is an energy gel made with a formula based on sodium, cyclodextrin and maltodextrin, ideal for maintaining hydration, boosting energy and optimizing performance during physical activities.

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    Gel Endurande Cyclo Energy Gel by LifePRO

    • It is a food supplement in the form of a gel manufactured with a formula that provides sodium, maltodextrin and cyclodextrin of excellent quality and purity.
    • Cyclodextrin is a state-of-the-art carbohydrate that is obtained through the enzymatic degradation of starch. In addition, it has a fast gastric emptying that avoids heavy digestions, it does not produce large insulin spikes and its energetic effects begin to be noticed immediately after consuming it.
    • Maltodrextrin is a source of carbohydrates that is obtained through a process called starch hydrolysis, a process where starches are divided into smaller and simpler elements, which has the benefit of faster absorption in the body. Maltodextrin provides quick energy and promotes the replenishment of glycogen stores.
    • Sodium is a mineral that is eliminated in large proportions through sweat, among its main benefits is its help to promote the absorption of nutrients, promote relaxation of the nervous system and regulate blood pressure.

    What is LifePRO Gel Endurande Cyclo Energy Gel taken for?

    • Ideal to obtain a dose of carbohydrates before or during sports activities.
    • Helps maintain hydration and replenishes minerals lost through sweat.
    • Improves performance and prevents the onset of fatigue.
    • It allows to cover the energy requirements.

    Why buy Gel Endurande Cyclo Energy Gel ?

    • Each 60g gel provides 30g of carbohydrates.
    • It has a formula based on natural ingredients, sweetened with sucralose and with two sources of carbohydrates that are quickly digested and assimilated.
    • It contains Cluster Dextrin, one of the patents that has the greatest recognition in the market, which is made up of the latest generation carbohydrates, of great solubility and the gastric emptying time is faster, which avoids heavy digestion and stomach discomfort. .
    • Ideal to be consumed by sportsmen and athletes who want to optimize performance and endurance in sports sessions, raise energy levels and delay signs of fatigue.

    How do you take Gel Endurande Cyclo Energy Gel ?

    • Consume 1 gel (60 ml) before or during sports activities.

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