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List of products by brand Libellis Irium

Libellis Irium is a line of drinks that belongs to the manufacturer Due Company, today it is located in Granada and has a large selection of products of excellent quality. Generally, these nectars are made from micronized fruit that, when tested, release a series of flashes, effects, nuances and flavors never before seen.

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Libellis Irium is a line of drinks based on micronized fruit which not only add an superbly delicious flavor to the palate of people, but also provide a series of effects, flashes and very attractive nuances that invite any lover of spirits to drink them. Generally, this new range of great innovation belongs to the Due Company group, a manufacturer widely specialized in creating, developing and distributing fresh food products worldwide.

Due Company is a company that was founded in Granada in 2014 by a group of professionals who sought to innovate products that were of high quality and generate impact to those who consumed it. After a series of investigations with highly trained specialists in food and drinks, they created a variety of brands that are now well known and, not only because they are cutting-edge, but because they are perfectly designed for the needs of the most select clients in the world. Some of the lines they developed include: Irium, Libellis, Raksna, Toro, Mantis and White Mamba.

As for Libellis Irium, one of the most exquisite creations of Due Company, it was the result of a mixture perfectly made for the enjoyment of the people, and the best thing of all is that thanks to the ingredients that were selected for its preparation, in the same way can be used for tasting tests in terms of its sparkles, sweet aroma and easy-drinking flavors. Currently, Libellis Irium is available in several presentations: Irium Gold, Irium Pink Gold, Irium Platinium and Libellis Premiun.

Due Company in the process of making Libellis Irium, like all its other products, uses a series of very rigorous production methods and subjected to high quality standards to offer the best to all its consumers. To that effect, in order to obtain the best wine based on micronized fruit, it undergoes processing stages in which the fruit is pulped, then it is passed through an alcoholic fermentation and the result is packaged and conditioned for sale.

Undoubtedly, all this process is carried out in advanced facilities and latest technology to ensure an impeccable preparation. In addition, the warehouses that preserve the wines are designed to protect them for a long time and also guarantee their conservation in quality. Another of its characteristics is that the company has ISO, IFS and BRC certifications, which demonstrate that Due Company strives to ensure safety in all its products, as well as quality and safety in consumption.

Today, the brand continues to perfect its design to exceed the expectations of customers and finally achieve a magnificent nectar. It is not necessary to resort to conventional drinks, on the contrary, Libellis Irium will give us in a single bottle a whole series of effects and flavors never before tasted.