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Vegan DHA 250 mg - 60 capsules

Vegan DHA from Lamberts offers you the opportunity to nourish yourself with a very important Omega 3 fatty acid, which comes from 100% vegetable sources. Incorporate this incredible dietary supplement into your vegan or vegetarian diet, which will also be very useful if you are allergic to fish or any of its byproducts.

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      Vegan DHA from Lamberts is what you need to reinforce your vegan diet with Omega 3 fatty acids of excellent quality.

      Vegan DHA from Lamberts concentrates docosahexaenoic acid derived from 100% vegetable sources, ideal for a vegan or vegetarian diet, or for people who suffer from any kind of allergy to fish. It has been obtained from algae cultivated in a controlled environment and free from any type of contamination. It is a 100% sustainable supplement that does not taste like fish.

      What is Vegan DHA from Lamberts?

      • Dietary supplement that provides 100% plant-based DHA.
      • Made from algae cultivated in a controlled environment.
      • Does not contain fish or any kind of contamination.

      Ingredients and format of Vegan DHA from Lamberts:

      Vegan DHA from Lamberts comes in a capsule presentation. Each capsule contains 625 mg of Omega 3 algae oil, and 250 mg of docosahexaenoic acid. They also contain maximum purity sunflower oil, and antioxidants such as vitamin C, rosemary extract, and tocopherols.

      Why taking Vegan DHA from Lamberts?

      Vegan DHA from Lamberts is the dietary supplement you need to guarantee an important Omega 3 fatty acid in your daily diet and get docosahexaenoic acid that comes from a completely plant-based source. It has been extracted from algae cultivated in a controlled environment, so it is free of contaminants. It is used an integrated and sustainable supply, which is not in contact with marine biomass. That is how it is obtained this natural triglyceride source, ideal for vegans and vegetarians. It also has rosemary extract, tocopherols and vitamin C.

      There is not a reason why you should not guarantee docosahexaenoic acid in your diet. You just have to get Vegan DHA from Lamberts. It is a nutrient that constitutes 97% of the fatty acids in the brain, which makes essential to the health of the nervous system. It also regulates triglycerides and blood pressure in the arteries, which has invaluable benefits for the heart. It also prevents the degeneration of sight in adults, and is vital for the development of it in children. DHA is essential in any healthy diet and now you can incorporate it into your routine through this healthy option, which benefits you cannot miss.

      You will only have to get Vegan DHA from Lamberts to provide your body with enough of this important fatty acid. It will be useful against inflammation, and to fight oxidative stress while practicing any sport. It is also an excellent option if you do not eat fish regularly, either because you do not like it, or because you suffer from any kind of allergy to it.

      Vegan DHA from Lamberts is easy to consume and its benefits will be quickly incorporated into your body.

      Recommended daily intake of Vegan DHA from Lamberts:

      • Take 1 capsule per day.
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