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Osteoguard Advance - 90 tablets

Lamberts Osteoguard Advance is a food supplement made up of a formula based on calcium, magnesium, vitamin K2 and D3. Ideal for strengthening and protecting the health of the bone system in general.

      Lamberts Osteoguard

      • It is a food supplement made with a formula that concentrates the properties of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3 and K2.
      • Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and is found mainly in the teeth, bones, body tissues, neurons and in the blood.
      • Magnesium is a mineral with anti-inflammatory properties that is found in legumes, green leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole grains and dairy products. It is also an essential mineral for the proper functioning of the body.
      • Vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol is a nutrient that belongs to the group of vitamins D that the skin synthesizes when exposed to the sun, however, its regular intake is important to maintain the proper performance of the body.
      • Vitamin K2 or menaquinone is found in small amounts in eggs, liver, meat and other animal products, it is also an essential vitamin for the protection of bone structures.

      What is Lamberts Osteoguard taken for?

      • Helps protect the health of the overall skeletal system.
      • Ideal to prevent joint wear.
      • Optimizes the quality of movement and scrolling.

      Why buy Osteoguard ?

      • It has a unique mixture of three different magnesium compounds: carbonate, citrate and hydroxide, it also contains vitamin K2 from chickpeas and is free of cis isometry.
      • Ideal to be used by athletes, professional athletes and all those who seek to maintain bone health in normal conditions and strengthen joints.

      How is Osteoguard taken?

      • Take 2 tablets accompanied with food.
      • Eat preferably every day.

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      Questions and answers
      No termino de entender la diferencia entre osteoguard avance y osteoguard. Yo lo tomo para la osteoporosis. ¿Cuál es el más apropiado?
      2021-10-08 09:47:12 Carmen
      Hola Carmen, fijate en los valores de referencia, el advance tiene más cantidad de vitaminas y minerales.
      2021-10-08 10:02:55 CRISTOBAL
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