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MYO Inositol Powder - 200 g

MYO Inositol Powder from Lamberts provides ingredients commonly present in foods such as fruits, cereals, legumes and nuts, which are the necessary nutrients to help strengthen the inositol levels present in our body naturally. It is ideal to provide vitamins to the brain and liver, becoming a key element for achieving female well-being.

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    Take control and feel perfect by taking MYO Inositol Powder from Lamberts.

    The human body is capable of creating inositol in its own organs. We also find it present in elements of nature that we sometimes consume in very little proportion, but even so these values ​​are not always at their most optimal levels. Lamberts brand knows how important inositol for your health is. That is why it creates MYO Inositol Powder from Lamberts, since it is easy to dissolve in fruit juice or water, and it will help you complete your diet every day, delighting its exquisite flavor and in peace of mind knowing that you are protecting your body from adverse events.

    Facts of MYO Inositol Powder from Lamberts:

    • Recovers the normal functioning of the menstrual cycle.
    • Optimizes the effectiveness of ovulation.
    • Reduces possible infertility problems.
    • Provides a favorable impact on insulin resistance.
    • Adjuvant to metabolic and hormonal parameters.
    • Contains high content of vitamin B6.
    • Improves the symptoms associated with menstruation (depression, anxiety and mood changes).
    • Provides a delicious flavor from the combination of 100% natural ingredients.
    • Easy to dissolve in water or juices, since it is a very soluble powder.
    • Ideal for vegetarians and vegans.

    Composition of MYO Inositol Powder from Lamberts:

    MYO Inositol Powder from Lamberts is a food supplement presented in powder, which, in addition to facilitating its preparation and intake, is easily absorbed by the body, ensuring that its nutrients are permeate the body and optimizes its results. It is ideal to take it to the office or university since only using its dosing measure you achieve the perfect amount that your body needs.

    MYO Inositol Powder from Lamberts contains: 4 g of MYO-inositol, vitamins, vitamin B6, magnesium, among other ingredients.

    Benefits of MYO Inositol Powder from Lamberts:

    Lamberts brand is committed to women's health, and knows the benefits of inositol for your body. For this reason, you have thought about compacting this powerful nutrient in MYO Inositol Powder from Lamberts, which with just 4 g a day provides your body with vitamins and magnesium necessary to minimize premenstrual discomfort, and it is ideal for those women who have polycystic ovaries. It also supports the nervous system and guarantees normal psychological function.

    MYO Inositol Powder from Lamberts is a food supplement indicated especially for women, making it an assertive option to relieve all discomfort that is generated in our body for pre-menstrual changes and those caused by polycystic ovaries. MYO Inositol Powder from Lamberts is perfect for coping with hormonal changes and achieving total balance.

    Recommended daily dose of MYO Inositol Powder from Lamberts:

    • Take the suggested dose of 4 g per day, which can be easily dissolved in fruit juices or simply in a glass of water.
    • Take preferably in the morning.
    • Keep this product in a cool dry place.
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