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Co-Enzyme Q10 30 mg - 60 Capsules

Co-Enzyme Q10 from Lamberts is a dietary supplement that provides CoQ10 that offers an incredible improvement for getting more energy from food. It is based on vegetable oil that replaces the use of gelatin, which improves the assimilation of its nutrients. It also provides an antioxidant protection.

      Co-Enzyme Q10 from Lamberts is an incredible source of energy and an amazing antioxidant. You must have this support for your health!

      Co-Enzyme Q10 from Lamberts provides you with an excellent increase in your daily energy. See how this dietary supplement enhances your physical capacity and improves the functioning of your muscles and heart. Its capsules contain vegetable oil that benefits the assimilation of its properties. They have been made according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

      What is Co-Enzyme Q10 from Lamberts?

      • Food supplement for co-enzyme Q10.
      • Increases energies and is an antioxidant.
      • Perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

      Ingredients and format of Co-Enzyme Q10 from Lamberts:

      Co-Enzyme Q10 from Lamberts comes in a 60-capsule bottle.

      Each capsule contains 30 mg of co-enzyme Q10 and has been made from sunflower seed oil, modified starch, glycerol, gelling agent, glyceryl monosterate and polysorbate 80.

      What is achieved by Co-Enzyme Q10 from Lamberts?

      Co-Enzyme Q10 from Lamberts is a food supplement that concentrates the properties of CoQ10. This nutrient improves energy intake from food. Therefore, it has a powerful role in increasing the energy your body really requires. And it is very important for proper functioning of both liver and cardiac system. Plus, it acts as an antioxidant, fighting free radicals in your body. These capsules have replaced the presence of gelatin with the use of vegetable oil that promotes better absorption of its nutrients.

      Coenzyme q, also known as ubiquinone, is a coenzyme family that is ubiquitious in animals and most bacteria. In humans, the most common form is coenzyme q10 or ubiquinone-10.

      If you are doing high-intense and demanding workouts, include Co-Enzyme Q10 from Lamberts in your routines. Regardless of the discipline you are working on, you really need energy to your workouts. A good diet is essential to guarantee a wide range of nutrients. In particular, you should ensure your levels of co-enzyme Q10, which will improve your power and help you have a better physical performance and endurance. Its incredible antioxidant action will also protect you from oxidative stress caused by high-intense workouts, threatening deep muscle pain. It is a valuable purchase to reach your sports results.

      Improve your quality of life by taking Co-Enzyme Q10 from Lamberts. CoQ10 deficiency has been frequently associated with the presence of serious problems such as diabetes or muscle dystrophy. It has been used in patients suffering from congestive heart failure, since it improves their symptoms. It also provides an improvement in defenses, favoring their response to various health threats. Furthermore, its powerful antioxidant action offers anti-aging properties. This is also because it improves the action of vitamins E and C, which contribute to this enviable effect.

      Recommended daily dose of Co-Enzyme Q10 from Lamberts:

      • Take from 1 to 3 capsules per day.
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