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Ergyfosforyl from Nutergia Laboratories is a food supplement that provides very important nutrients that will benefit the health of your brain. It contains phospholipids from marine products, vitamin B, EPA and DHA that promote the production of neurotransmitters. It deeply contributes to cognitive functioning, benefits memory and increases concentration capacity.

      Ergyfosforyl from Nutergia Laboratories will provide you with a new mental energy. Enhance your focus and cognitive performance by using this amazing brain supplement!

      Ergyfosforyl from Nutergia Laboratories contains vital nutrients to guarantee proper brain and nervous system function. It is ideal for improving concentration, focus and favoring cognitive processes. Its nutrients promote the synthesis and metabolization of neurotransmitters, essential for the interconnection between neurons.


      What are the characteristics of Ergyfosforyl from Nutergia Laboratories?

      • Supports memory, concentration and cognitive processes.
      • Contains phospholipids obtained from fish oil.
      • Improves intellectual performance.


      Composition of Ergyfosforyl from Nutergia Laboratories:

      Ergyfosforyl from Nutergia Laboratories comes in a 60-softgel box.

      Each softgel contains fish oil, cogniPhos a formula with phospholipids, beeswax, 100% natural vitamin E, vitamin B5 and B6.


      What is achieved by taking Ergyfosforyl from Nutergia Laboratories?

      Ergyfosforyl from Nutergia Laboratories is a nutritional supplement that concentrates vital nutrients for the proper functioning of the brain. It contains vitamins of group B, marine phospholipids (obtained from fish oil), EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These ingredients are responsible for strengthening the membranes of neurons, in addition to improving the production of neurotransmitters that are essential for their entanglement and communication.

      In this way, Ergyfosforyl from Nutergia Laboratories becomes a healthy option to improve cognitive processes and also improve the ability to remember, in addition to benefiting the power of concentration.

      Ensure the health of your brain by using Ergyfosforyl from Nutergia Laboratories. Your daily activities, studies, professional life and family responsibilities can expose you to frequent daily stress and deep mental fatigue. This can dent your ability to pay attention, which can affect your effectiveness in dealing with day-to-day activities. In order to recover, you have to include omega-3 in your diet, which will provide you with EPA and DHA, always vital for good cognitive performance.

      To get a good dose of these components, you would have to consume a lot of fish daily, which is not always possible. That is why, you have this product specially created to cover this need.

      Students and anyone who is dealing with an exhausting intellectual activity must take Ergyfosforil from Nutergia Laboratories. If you are in exams this is the best help you can receive. Do not resort to dangerous drugs that can have side effects on you. Improve your power of concentration and your memory with this food supplement that will boost your cognitive ability naturally.

      In the same way, Ergyfosforil from Nutergia Laboratories can be of great help in a sports diet, since Omega-3s promote physical performance. They also have anti-inflammatory virtues which are great for overcoming muscle pain and injury. It is a 100% natural choice worth considering.


      How to take Ergyfosforyl from Nutergia Laboratories?

      • Take from 2 to 4 softgels per day.
      • Take preferably with meals.
      • Respect the recommended dose or follow instructions from a nutritionist.
      Questions and answers
      Hola. Quería saber si se puede tomar ergyfosforil con (adiro) es un acido acetil salicilico . Es para una persona q tuvo un infsrto y tiene este tratamiento , es para que le mejore memoria y tambien deterioro cognitivo. Queria sabee si esta contraindicado? Gracias
      2021-05-19 16:03:25 Esther
      Buenas Esther, si su medico le receto Adiro lo ideal es que esta dude la consulte con su medico ya que hablamos de un fármaco y no podríamos decirle con total seguridad ninguna recomendación
      2021-05-21 17:24:46 RUBEN
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