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Nutergia Laboratories is a prestigious and recognized Spanish company dedicated to providing the best nutritional supplements, which have been developed by a highly trained team of professionals and with the highest safety and quality standards to guarantee maximum satisfaction to its consumers and enhance the body functioning naturally.

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Ergymag - 100 capsules Laboratorios Nutergia - 1
Ergymag - 100 capsulesmagnesium
Ergymag from Nutergia Laboratories is a dietary supplement made of four (4) magnesium salts...
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Vectiseren - 60 capsules
Vectiseren - 60 capsulesSleep Improvement
Vectiseren from Nutergia Laboratories is a natural supplement based on rodhiola, tryptophan...
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Reduced priceErgydren - 250ml
Ergydren - 250mlLiver Protector
Ergydren by Nutergia is a powerful nutritional supplement made from meadowsweet, artichoke,...
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Ergyferil - 60 capsules
Ergyferil - 60 capsulesminerals
Ergyferil from Nutergia Laboratories is a great food supplement with an excellent combination...
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Ergypar - 250ml
Ergypar - 250 mlDigestive
Ergypar from Nutergia Laboratories is a natural liquid supplement that has purifying and...
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Ergystress - 60 capsules
Ergystress - 60 capsulesAnti-Stress
Ergystress from Nutergia Laboratories is a food supplement formulated to promote mental...
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"Active Cellular Nutrition (NCA)", under this new motto, Nutergia Laboratories are built, a company located in Spain founded in 1989 by Claude Lagarde, a Doctor of Pharmacy and Biologist specialized in the research and development of high-quality nutritional supplements. This company has the inalienable principles of creating products that are friendly to the environment, free of modified organisms and that allow care, protection, balance and optimization of the functioning of the organism in a natural way.

Nutergia Laboratories has an excellent group of highly qualified, innovative professionals with a curious and creative spirit, who thanks to their extraordinary study and research work have achieved scientifically balanced formulas, with doses adapted to the body's requirements and recognized by more than 10,000 health professionals, in addition, its manufacturing laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment and a certificate with the ISO 9001 quality label, which guarantees that all its products have been made under strict safety procedures and with purely natural ingredients from maximum purity and quality.

This innovative and wonderful company has an eminently scientific vision that leads it to insist on the fundamental importance of micronutrients or "molecules of life", for this reason, its main objective is focused on the study and development of nutritional supplements under the concept of Active Cellular Nutrition. Among the powerful products offered by this company is a wide range divided into: Ergykid, Ergysport and Micoinmune, which are based on providing tools to promote the optimal growth of children, maximize the physical performance of athletes and strengthen the integrity of the cells, in addition, the line dedicated especially for sportsmen and amateur athletes is free of harmful substances. On the other hand, it contains an extensive range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, fatty acids, phytominerals, amino acids, proteins and plant sterols, which are products created under strict quality and safety standards, intended to guarantee complete nutrition and with the purpose of enhance the vital functions of the body, strengthen the nervous and immune systems, minimize symptoms of fatigue, balance the intestinal flora and feminine processes, protect cells against oxidative stress, stimulate energy metabolism and maintain bone structure and muscle function .

Nutergia Laboratories products are developed with natural ingredients of extraordinary characteristics and maximum quality, selected under strict safety standards and carefully processed. The nutritional supplements from Nutergia Laboratories offer their consumers excellence, quality, efficacy and unique formulas loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, ideal for use by adults, growing children, high-level athletes and any physically active person who seeks to take care of your health and achieve a life with a state of well-being, vitality, fullness and physical stability.