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Waxymaize - 2 kg

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Waxymaize from IO.Genix is ​​an excellent supplement that provides you with an incredible source of energy, as it contains amylopectin, a carbohydrate with excellent benefits when it comes to achieving your training goals. It provides the nourishment of muscles, delays fatigue and guarantees a much better recovery.

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    Waxymaize from IO.Genix provides you with a high dose of energy instantly, as it recharges you muscle glycogen that is degraded during your workouts, obtaining incredible results.

    IO.Genix brand has developed a wonderful product based on amylopectin, a carbohydrate based on hydrolyzed corn that has a superior profile than other sugars formed by carbohydrates.

    Waxymaize from IO.Genix acts more effectively, since it supplies and restores glycogen deposits in blood more quickly, generating more energy and an immediate recovery capacity.

    Waxymaize from IO.Genix has a high concentration of amylopectin, that is why it provides you with these great benefits. It also increases proteins and passes through the gut tract more quickly than other sugars.

    Waxymaize from IO.Genix acts more efficiently than any other carbohydrate, as it promotes muscle growth, making it the ideal food supplement for high-intensity athletes.

    Waxymaize from IO.Genix also improves muscle recovery considerably, giving you optimal performance in your workouts. It also provides a high-performance energy source for a much longer time, helping you fight of fatigue and improve hydration.

    Waxymaize from IO.Genix guarantees better outcomes in less time, since when replenishing glycogen, it repairs muscle mass and builds up muscle quickly and efficiently.

    The energy reserves in the body are affected during a physical training, producing wear at the muscle level. Waxymaize from IO.Genix is ​​the ideal food supplement that provides you with the energy you require during those high-intensity workout routines.

    With one single dose of this wonderful Waxymaize from IO.Genix, you will feel the difference in your performance, leaving behind those exhaustion episodes, acting quickly to replenish glycogen reserves, giving your body the energy it really needs; in addition to providing you with a more toned muscle look.

    Main characteristics of Waxymaize from IO.Genix:

    • Supports the muscles.
    • Delays fatigue.
    • Guarantees a quick recovery.
    • Provides high levels of energy.
    • Improves hydration.
    • Ideal for athletes.

    Nutrition facts per serving (75 g):

    • 292 kcal of energy.
    • 73 g of carbohydrates, without sugar content.
    • 0.5 mg of vitamin B1 (45%).

    What does vitamin B1 do?

    Vitamin B1, also called thiamine or thiamin, is one of the eight B vitamins. All B vitamins help the body convert food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose), which the body uses to produce energy. These B vitamins, often referred to as B-complex vitamins, also help the body metabolize fats and protein.

    What is a good source of vitamin B1?

    Food sources of thiamin include whole grains, meat, and fish. Breads, cereals, and infant formulas in the United States and many other countries are fortified with thiamin. The most common sources of thiamin in the U.S. diet are cereals and bread. Pork is another major source of the vitamin.

    To obtain the energy you really need when it comes to training that provides you with great performance in your workouts, Waxymaize from IO.Genix is ​​the special product that will give you all the power you need to achieve those results quickly and more efficiently.

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, dissolve 75 g in 200 ml of water and drink it whenever you want, especially when training.

    Customer reviews: Waxymaize - 2 kg

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    I really liked this amylopectin from Io. Genix. Of all the ones I have tried, this is the one that has sat my stomach the best and the texture it leaves in the shake is not thick or gritty at all. The price is very good so I definitely recommend your purchase.
    amylopectin one of the best supplements to take as intra-training and iogenix very well
    It is clear that amylopectin is the most used carbohydrate in fitness because it is the one that is best absorbed
    amylopectin has already made its way into anyone's diet intense workouts
    amylopectin is the most used intra-training in the fitness community and it gives me very good results
    Very good price for a very important product if you are looking for a quick recovery and recharge your glycogen stores. In my case, that I train twice a day is essential for performance in the second session. Shipping, in 24 hours in the house !! : D
    A good price for a very interesting supplement if you want to start the recovery process, not only faster, but also more effective. The neutral flavor is ideal to combine without problem with protein and not to make combinations of strange flavors.
    I have been consuming it for 2 weeks and the truth is that I am feeling much more energetic, it has been a success
    Questions and answers
    Cuál sería mejor intra entreno, el WaxyMaize o la Maltodextrina? Gracias por anticipado.
    2022-10-10 14:45:57 Javier
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