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Vitaluxe - 60 tablets

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Vitaluxe from IO.Genix is an extraordinary food supplement made from a unique formula enriched with vitamins and minerals, which contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties capable of stimulating nitric oxide production during training routines, encouraging proper assimilation of food and strengthening the immune system.

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    Promote proper post-workout recovery and protect the natural functions of your body by taking Vitaluxe from IO.Genix, the perfect food supplement for athletes committed to their health.

    Vitaluxe from IO.Genix is a food supplement made from a unique and 100% natural formula on the market. It is enriched with excellent vitamins and minerals that help optimize the body's recovery after your workouts, maximize and protect digestive function, reduce fatigue and promote the production of nitric oxide. On the other hand, thanks to its high content of vitamin C, Vitaluxe from IO.Genix is ideal to protect the structure of the bones and joints.

    What is Vitaluxe from IO.Genix?

    • Food supplement made from an excellent dose of S7, vitacherry, DigeZyme and ginseng.
    • Contains wonderful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
    • Helps facilitate the assimilation of food and protects the health of the digestive tract.
    • Naturally increases nitric oxide during your workouts.
    • Allows to lower the levels of lipids and cholesterol in the blood.
    • Strengthens the circulatory and immune systems.
    • Reduces tiredness rates and enhances energy.
    • Provides neutral flavor.
    Composition of Vitaluxe from IO.Genix:

    Vitaluxe from IO.Genix comes in comfortable and simple, high-quality and maximum bioavailability tablets made from a nutritious and select formula based on 100% natural ingredients, which aim to increase and improve the well-being and functioning of the body. Vitaluxe from IO.Genix is a food supplement free of harmful chemicals to your health.

    Content per dose (1 tablet):

    • 50 mg of vitacherry.
    • 50 mg of S7.
    • 50 mg of DigeZyme.
    • 30 mg of ginseng dry extract.
    • 180 mg of vitamin C.
    • 1200 mg of vitamin A.
    • 4.2 mg of vitamin B1.
    • 4.8 mg of vitamin B2.
    • 54 mg of vitamin B3.
    • 6 mg of vitamin B6.
    • 18 mg of pantothenic acid.
    • Among other 100% natural ingredients.

    What is Vitaluxe from IO.Genix taken for?

    DigeZyme is a patented enzyme complex whose main function is to stimulate the digestion and hydrolysis of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and also protect the health of the gastrointestinal tract. On the other hand, ginseng is a plant with extraordinary anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that reduce inflammation, improve mood and raise energy levels. Vitaluxe from IO.Genix is a food supplement that brings together the properties of DigeZyme, S7, vitacherry, ginseng, vitamin C and other 100% natural ingredients that help maintain the functions of the body, improve post-workout recovery, encourage proper assimilation of food and protect the circulatory and immune system.

    Vitaluxe from IO.Genix is an ideal food supplement to be used by athletes and fitness lovers who seek to enhance and optimize the functions of the body, increase physical recovery after workouts, minimize fatigue and also maximize energy levels.

    Recommended daily dose of Vitaluxe from IO.Genix:

    • As a dietary supplement, take 1 tablet of Vitaluxe from IO.Genix.
    • Take in the morning with a glass of water.
    • Take Vitaluxe from IO.Genix every day.

    Customer reviews: Vitaluxe - 60 tablets

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    Very complete multivitamin and the truth is that it is not the best price on the market but it does what it says
    The product perfectly complements the day to day, provides enough to maintain correct energy levels.
    I really liked this multivitamin from amrca io.genix. The composition is very good, with all the vitamins very well dosed. The price is very good for what is on the market. I only take one capsule for breakfast and it works very well for me, I recommend it!
    As a multi, it is the best I have tried/had in my life, I feel more full of energy every day and with the ability to give more.
    The multivitamin is very complete, covers all daily needs, reasonable price compared to similar ones.
    I am very happy with this vitamin complex, which meets the daily requirements very well. Along with a good diet, vitamins and minerals are more than covered. The tablets are also very easy to ingest and the duration of the product is very good.
    Good multi, quality, lasts a long time, fully fulfills its function, good price and the plus of the brand.
    I did not know this brand of IO.Genix and, every day, it seems that it is gaining more impact, hearing very good things from most of its products. This multivitamin meets everything you need to face the day, meeting the needs of vitamins and minerals in a very comfortable way (along with the rest of the diet).
    Good multivitamin that I started taking 1 month ago on the recommendation of a friend and I notice that I have more energy
    I still cannot say if it is working for me because I have been with it for a short time, in my case I consume it daily and it seems that it is a quality product, the shipping has been perfect
    I needed a good multivitamin and I wanted to try this French brand, I was very surprised
    Good product, it works quite well and is very complete. The price is good, it is recommended
    I really liked this multivitamin because it is very complete and generous in the quantities, the price is not bad
    A very complete multivitamin mineral complex, the truth is that I have to admit that for a good functioning of the organism the essential vitamins and minerals are more than essential, and I trust this brand since it makes very high quality products
    I was feeling pretty down and they recommended a multivitamin. I noticed this one thanks to his good opinions and, the truth, that at the moment I am very happy with him.
    A fairly complete multivitamin mineral complex, the truth is that this brand is being a bombshell because I have to admit that lately it is getting very good supplements and all of high quality. I think I'm going to opt for iogenix lately.
    Questions and answers
    Tengo hipotiroidismo subclínico, no tomo pastilla de momento. Puedo tomarlo? Gracias
    2022-04-18 18:31:17 Nieves
    Buenas tardes,el Vitaluxe es una formula con vitaminas y minerales,sería recomendable que lo consulte con su medico si puede usar este tipo de suplemento.
    2022-04-18 18:43:37 Joan
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