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Syneprhine - 100 capsules

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Syneprhine by IO.Genix is ​​a nutritional and sports supplement that is composed of natural extract of bitter orange tree rich in synephrine, a component that has many different properties that benefit health. It helps to eliminate fat, increase energy, stimulate the nervous system and get the best performance from your body in a natural and safe way.

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    Learn about the extraordinary effects of synephrine with a natural origin and improve the physical development of your body with Syneprhine by IO.Genix

    Synephrine is basically a chemical substance that helps break down fat cells, as well as being an excellent stimulant of the nervous system without causing adverse effects. Synephrine is also widely used in sports and fitness areas since it offers benefits that can be used by athletes such as increased performance, fat burning, promoting muscle definition, increased energy, among other advantages. Syneprhine by IO.Genix is ​​a supplement that has a perfectly elaborated formula, which offers sufficient amounts of quality synephrine, highly bioavailable and active, which ensures a better use of it in the body. The Syneprhine has been extracted from a 100% natural bitter orange tree, making it a safe supplement by IO.Genix. The action of Syneprhine by IO.Genix allows you to increase your energy, reduce your appetite and get rid of fat in an effective way just by following your training routines and accompanied it by a dosage of this extraordinary supplement.

    What are the characteristics of the Syneprhine by IO.Genix?

    • It is a supplement based on natural bitter orange
    • It increases physical performance
    • It helps you to keep muscle tissue in the face of caloric deficit
    • It provides energy to the body
    • It helps you to reduce appetite
    • It supports safe and healthy weight loss
    • It burns and removes excess accumulated fat
    • It is an excellent stimulant of the nervous system
    • It helps you train more and better
    • It improves the results of your workouts
    • It reduces the feeling of fatigue
    • It speeds up metabolism
    • It has an excellent thermogenic effect
    • It considerably increases physical endurance
    • It does not affect heart rate

    Composition of Syneprhine by IO.Genix

    Syneprhine by IO.Genix is ​​created in capsules, since it allows to keep a precise and efficient amount of synephrine per dose which is easier and faster than other methods. It is the best option when you need an immediate supply of energy.

    Syneprhine by IO.Genix is ​​composed of a dry extract of bitter orange of natural origin, 6% synephrine.

    Content per capsule:

    • It contains 330 mg of bitter orange dry extract
    • It provides 19.8 mg of synephrine

    What do you get with the Syneprhine by IO.Genix?

    Syneprhine by IO.Genix is ​​a complement that has different benefits to take advantage of. On the one hand, it helps to eliminate and get rid of excess annoying accumulated fat, reduces appetite and consequently promotes healthy weight loss. On the other hand, it increases your performance by giving you energy and it also improves your resistance.

    Syneprhine by IO.Genix is perfect for overweight people, athletes in the muscle definition stage or to keep muscle. 

    Recommended daily dose of Syneprhine by IO.Genix

    • As a food supplement, take 1 capsule
    • Take a daily dose preferably with a meal
    • Take it every day

    Customer reviews: Syneprhine - 100 capsules

    32 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    if you really take training seriously and want muscle gains this is your ideal supplement
    Good product, effective if accompanied by a deficit diet. The brand is aiming very high with high quality products.
    The combination of this product together with the green tea extract, this summer, has been great for me in my definition process. A product, and combo, totally recommended.
    I have seen a small improvement in my fat percentage since using this product, without touching anything else in terms of diet or training, so I have to say that it works remarkably.
    Good product from an important brand like iogenix which I like to combine with other supplements of the style
    Excellent supplement, I train on an empty stomach and it gives me enough energy to be able to do it with intensity.
    very effective, I usually take one at the beginning of the day and before training too, I feel that it gives me energy and helped me lose fat
    It comes in handy to maintain a good body composition throughout the year, avoiding accumulating excess fat during volume.
    Great help to lower fat accompanied by a balanced diet, I consider them essential in my day to day,
    Good fat burner, I usually combine it with 200mg of caffeine and ECGC in fasting cardio
    Good supplement when it comes to losing fat, providing a not inconsiderable extra in the process of lowering. I did not know the brand well, but every time better opinions are heard about it and it begins to be a regular in several supplementation stores.
    Good supplement when it comes to losing fat, providing a not inconsiderable extra in the process of lowering. I did not know the brand well, but every time better opinions are heard about it and it begins to be a regular in several supplementation stores.
    Great supplement that helps you burn fat and achieve better results in terms of physical.
    a good product that the truth is surprising me how effective it is going to burn fat
    I have been taking it together with green tea extract for my definition process and the result has been very good
    It doesn't change anything for me and the effects on performance and fat burning are very noticeable after weeks of use.
    Very good. I started adding it mid definition and it's doing really well, improving my composition every week.
    The truth is that I am happy with the results that synephrine is giving me, I did not expect less and more from iogenix a 10 !!!
    The truth is that I am happy with the results that synephrine is giving me, I did not expect less and more from iogenix a 10 !!!
    Questions and answers
    Se pueden tomar 2 diarias o solo 1? Y como y cuando habría que tomarlas en el caso que se pudieran tomar dos...
    2022-06-23 01:48:34 Alejandro Gallardo
    Buenos días,mi recomendación es que tomes la sinefrina una vez al día,30-45 minutos aproximadamente antes del entrenamiento.
    2022-06-23 09:43:16 Jose Antonio
    Add a response
    Como se tomaría si estoy entrenando? Antes del entrenamiento? Gracias
    2022-06-11 18:07:31 Inés
    Add a response
    Hola, me gustaría saber la diferencia entre la dosis de esta marca y por ejemplo la sinefrina de Haya Labs. Porque en esta aconsejan 1 cápsula al día y la de Haya Labs de 1 a 3 cápsulas. Se puede aumentar la dosis en la de IO.Genix? Gracias.
    2021-11-24 03:39:50 Yeray
    hola yeray respecto al producto con la concentracion que lleva cada uno puedes tomarte la dosis media de 2comprimidos y maximo 3comprimidos en los 2 productos,gracias y un saludo
    2021-11-24 10:13:12 SALVA VALENCIA
    Buenos días Yeray , la cantidad de sinefrina diaria recomendada varía entre 5mg y 58,5 mg día. Respecto a la dosis por cápsula, es ligeramente más alta en la de IOgenix. En cuanto a la dosis recomendada, cada marca evalúa dependiendo de su producto y las variables que ellos tengan en cuenta a la hora de administrar la dosis. Espero haberte servido de ayuda. Gracias por confiar en nosotros.
    2021-11-24 10:16:22 Joel
    Add a response
    Puedo sustituir el cla por la sinefrina? Y Combinarla con el termo?
    2021-08-26 16:49:59 Gemma
    hola gemma aunque tomaras los tres suplementos o combinaras no tendrias ningun tipo de problema eso si llevando una dieta adecuada y sana,gracias
    2021-08-26 17:25:45 SALVA VALENCIA
    Add a response
    Como se tomaría la synefrins de iogenix junto con la cafeina también de iogenix
    2021-06-14 19:30:48 Luis
    hola luis no es necesario que lo tengas que tomar junto con la cafeina si que es verdad que te haria junto un efecto termogenico pero que se puede tomar por separado alo largo del dia y junto con la cafeina antes de entrenar como quemador de grasa tienes esas dos alternativas,gracias
    2021-06-14 20:05:09 SALVA VALENCIA
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