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Mini Shaker - 400 ml

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Mini Shaker from I.O.Genix is ​​a great mixing glass of excellent quality. Thanks to its great size, it is special to carry your food supplements in smaller portions, giving you the ideal dose without the need to carry other larger mixing glasses that you do not need at all; making it very easy to move and comfortable to use.

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    Mix your proteins or amino acids in more practical doses thanks to Mini Shaker from I.O.Genix, a light, effective and very comfortable to use.

    Mini Shaker from I.O.Genix is ​​an excellent mixing glass of excellent quality, made of really resistant and durable materials, which make it special to carry in your day-to-day activities, allowing you to more effectively mix your powdered food supplements such as proteins and amino acids, in addition to doing it in the most practical way, especially for small doses where you do not need a larger one that may cause discomfort when moving.

    Mini Shaker from I.O.Genix allows you to use the ideal dose, making it easier to use due to its special size and capacity; also thanks to its original design with an anti-spill cap and a special spout for direct drinking. It makes it one of the best available; in the same way, it closes hermetically and is made of non-toxic materials, which makes it safer to use.

    Mini Shaker from I.O.Genix comes in a beautiful neutral black color, so it can be used by both men and women, also with the logo of the brand in a golden color, which makes it original and very striking, so surely everyone will love it. It will make you look like a great follower of one of the best sports brands in the industry (I.O.Genix), giving you prestige and good taste.

    In the same way, Mini Shaker from I.O.Genix enables you to mix your food supplements in the simplest way, adding their ingredients directly through its wide main nozzle and allowing it to be done with greater effectiveness.

    Mini Shaker from I.O.Genix, you can use it in your workouts or competitions, but it can also be useful to take your hydrating drinks or water anywhere you want, to the park, on an outing and even to go on a trip, since it is practical, light and ideally sized, so it fits even in the smallest pocket of your backpack or gym bag.

    Mini Shaker from I.O.Genix is ​​easy to wash and dries quickly. Its printed logo is very resistant and does not fade, and its material is resistant to unexpected falls, so you can use it for a long time and it will remain intact.

    What are the main characteristics of Mini Shaker from I.O.Genix?

    • Efficient and excellent quality mixing glass.
    • Made of very resistant and durable materials.
    • Has an ideal size and capacity.
    • Easy to move.
    • Comfortable and light.
    • Has an original design and modern.
    • Ideal for both sexes.
    • Resists unexpected falls.
    • Has an anti-spill cap.

    If you are looking for a sturdy, durable, beautiful, comfortable, light and effective mixing glass, Mini Shaker from I.O.Genix is definitely the ​​perfect one for you, as it will allow you to mix your food supplements in ideal doses and in the most efficient, practical and simple way.

    Customer reviews: Mini Shaker - 400 ml

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    The ideal size to carry in your backpack to the gym if you take 30g of powder with 300ml of water, why bigger?
    I came as a gift with the professional iso and it is really appreciated, the prote is very good, the quality is noticeable.
    I like these small and practical shakers, they came as a gift with the isoprofessional of this same brand.
    Good shaker, I expected it to be a little bigger but it goes well especially to carry it in the backpack
    It goes very well for BCAAs, I have 2 glasses, a large one for protein and a smaller one for pre-workouts
    It seems to me the ideal size to take directly in the backpack to the gym to take small shots such as pre-workouts or BCAA's
    I enter as a gift with the iso professional and the truth is that it is luxurious, both the protein and the shaker.
    nice shaker and practical and above all very well made it shows that it is not recommended from the Chinese
    It does the fix very well, it is comfortable, beautiful, simple and practical. The design is also very successful. I hope it lasts a long time
    very good product I recommend it to everyone the truth is that I LOVED IT AND IT IS NOT EXPENSIVE AND IN THE TIME WE ARE IN THAT IS APPRECIATED JKHGF
    Very nice shaker, especially for the texture it has and the color and very comfortable to transport it to almost any place, it hardly fits anywhere
    Very nice shaker, especially for the texture it has and the color and very comfortable to transport it to almost any place, it hardly fits anywhere
    very good, the size is perfect to carry everywhere, it takes up almost no space in my bag
    A shaker of very good quality and very well made, not like the Chinese and at a good price, the truth is, iogenix always last
    How cool and practical is this iogenix mixing glass, the truth is that I did not expect anything less from this brand
    A shaker with good body, robust and elegant. It does its job perfectly and doesn't look like it's going to break.
    nice shacker and a very good price therefore more than recommended and at a good price, thanks
    Nice design and with a perfect size so that it does not take up more space than necessary in the backpack.
    Very good shaker, quite small or what is ideal to put in the backpack and a large shake fits perfectly
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