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Pure Glutamine - 500 g

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Pure Glutamine from IO.Genix is a product based on pure crystalline l-glutamine and vitamin B6. It is a semi-essential amino acid for the body, whose main function is to promote muscle recovery and cellular hydration. L-glutamine speeds up recovery and favors the stimulation of protein synthesis. It is specially designed for athletes.

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    Strengthen your muscles, keep them hydrated and prepared for workouts by taking Pure Glutamine from IO.Genix.

    Pure Glutamine from IO.Genix is ​​a product made from pure crystalline l-glutamine and vitamin B6. L-glutamine is a semi-essential amino acid for the body, whose main function is to promote recovery and cellular hydration.

    L-glutamine speeds up the recovery and favors the stimulation of protein synthesis. It is of special interest to athletes, since at times of high activity endogenous synthesis is often insufficient.

    Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that l-glutamine is a nutrient for cells of the immune system or cells of the digestive system, contributing to its proper functioning. This product maintains muscle mass avoiding catabolism, helps minimize muscle damage by promoting the recovery.

    Pure Glutamine from IO.Genix  is a product strongly recommended for two doses daily, preferably before your workouts to prevent muscle catabolism and a second dose after training or even before going to sleep. The benefits of amino acids in athletes are enormous, regardless of their level.

    Thanks to them, we will be able to take our workouts to much higher extreme levels with an adequate recovery to attack the next workout, maintaining muscle mass and taking care of your health, in particular your immune and digestive systems.

    Pure Glutamine from IO.Genix  can be combined with a great number of products highlighting the branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs, especially in periods of muscle definition or weight loss where an extra contribution of carbohydrates and energy is not desired. In periods where a greater increase in muscle mass is desired, it would be more advisable to combine glutamine with a post-workout and with a carbohydrate and protein composition appropriate to your personal and training characteristics. A product like amylopectin or dextrose can be added during your high-intensity and excessively long workouts. Glutamine can also be combined with nitric oxide precursor products with or without stimulants, creatine, HMB, alpha lipoic acid, etc.

    Nutrition facts of Pure Glutamine from IO.Genix:

    • Helps muscle definition.
    • Helps muscle development.
    • Helps maintain muscle.
    • Contains no carbohydrates or fats.
    • Promotes cellular hydration.
    • Contributes to the proper functioning of cells of the immune system, or cells of the digestive system.
    • Helps prevent muscle catabolism.
    • Provides a speedy recovery after high-tension muscle training.

    Contents per each dose (12 g):

    • 10 g of KYOWA l-glutamine.
    • 2.6 mg of vitamin B6.

    Pure Glutamine from IO.Genix helps your muscles to recover easily after a high-intensity workout, or simply to keep them hydrated and avoid muscle catabolism with the benefits that Pure Glutamine from IO.Genix brings to you.

    Recommended direction: as a food supplement, dissolve 6 g of Pure Glutamine from IO.Genix with liquid. Take the dose twice a day, one after your workouts and one before going to sleep.

    Customer reviews: Pure Glutamine - 500 g

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    A perfect supplement to improve, not only what is muscle recovery, but also to treat various stomach problems. The price is very good for the quality offered by Iogenix, a brand that is entering the sector very strongly.
    An essential supplement for my recovery after training, where I form my own post-workout combo with glutamine, bcaa and creatine, all from IOGenix. The only downside that I put to the product is that it costs a little to dissolve, but the rest of everything is perfect.
    the best anticatabolic amino acid there is since with it you will be able to allow yourself to persevere in muscle mass since with intense workouts it is logical that you have wear both at a physical level and at a muscular level more than important
    The dissolution of this glutamine is somewhat worse than others that I had consumed before and leaves a rather unpleasant aftertaste, but the rest is quite good and considerably improves muscle recovery. I usually take 5g after training and another 5g before bed.
    I really like this glutamine. I have been using it for the last months of my preparation and I am delighted. The price is very good and the quality of the glutamine is very high. It dissolves perfectly and does not leave that slightly lumpy texture that others leave, I recommend it!
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