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Ph control - 90 capsules

PH Control by IO.Genix is highly recommended to keep a correct balance in the body's acid-alkaline ratio on a daily basis. Thanks to the benefits of this food supplement, you will be able to preserve the proper functioning of the body and achieve a totally natural anabolic state. In this way, it will positively influence the protein synthesis of the metabolism facing any possible situation that may arise.

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    PH Control by IO.Genix: It is a food supplement made from minerals and plants, recommended to support the health of the most demanding athletes.

    Thanks to the excellent PH Control of IO.Genix, you will have a better control over your body and you will be able to support its valuable functions in an effective way. It is a 100% natural product.

    Athletes are continually subjected to rigorous physical activities, due to their goals and certain type of diets that are part of their lives. So that, they tend to lean to an acidic side, generating harmful effects that can interrupt aspirations for exercise .

    Thanks to this excellent food supplement, you will get a daily support in terms of alkaline levels, which is the best state for the proper absorption of ingredients and to face any situation in your daily routine.


    Essential aspects of 3 capsules PH Control by IO.Genix 

    • It provides 150mg of fenugreek extract
    • It has 150mg of white willow extract
    • It has 181mg of calcium
    • It contains 70mg of Magnesium
    • It contains 42mg of Sodium


    Components and format of PH Control by IO.Genix

    This food supplement is packaged in a container with 90 capsules

    Among its ingredients, it has the following:

    • Fenugreek extract
    • White willow extract
    • Calcium
    • Magnesium
    • Sodium


    What is achieved with PH Control by IO.Genix?

    It is a formula recommended to balance acidity and the so-called alkalinity of the body. This is an essential balance for the body in order to be able to keep its valuable functions in perfect conditions.

    It will help you to remove possible toxic residues from the blood and correctly bringing the nutritional elements they require to the cells, such as important proteins, fatty acids and minerals. This is a recommended food supplement that allows you to achieve the perfect balance so that these functions are achieved efficiently.

    The perfect level of pH in the blood should always be between 7.35 and 7.45, but factors such as air pollution, bad eating habits or stress, acidify the human body and significantly alter this pH. The blood reacts and steals the nutrients it needs from other vital organs to compensate for the imbalance.

    Keeping a balanced acidity and alkalinity is the key for a good and correct functioning of the human body. A daily intake of PH Control by IO.Genix is ​​vital to be able to achieve an optimal state.

    The valuable minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium, which are provided by this recommended PH Control by IO.Genix, develop excellent alkaline (basic) reactions in the human body and are mainly found in fruits and vegetables. In contrast, foodstuff that contain iron, sulfur and phosphorus, such as meats, eggs, dairy products, and nuts, are acidity promoters.


    Recommended daily dose of PH Control by IO.Genix

    • Take 3 daily capsules with a glass of fresh water.
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