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Original Pancakes - 1000 g

Original Pancakes from I.O.Genix are the fastest and easiest to prepare because they have long been the perfect breakfast since it is a combination of an exquisite flavor with unique benefits that provide you with the necessary nutrients and proteins in your body, and guarantee a healthy and balanced diet.

      Original Pancakes from I.O.Genix is ​​the ideal breakfast, since its combination of ingredients rich in proteins and a special flavor make them the best option to start the day with the best energy.

      Original Pancakes from I.O.Genix contains a combination of 100% natural ingredients that are really the best option when it comes to eating. It is a combination of oatmeal, whey and protein from eggs that contain a significant amount of nutrients essential for a healthy diet, as well as being a delicious snack on the palate.

      Original Pancakes from I.O.Genix are an excellent alternative for a nutritious breakfast.

      The variety of ingredients in Original Pancakes from I.O.Genix make them a special food, since it contains ovalbumin which is the main protein in egg white. Albumin has high benefits as a protein source.

      In addition, Original Pancakes from I.O.Genix have whey proteins that have unique benefits. The whey helps to avoid the loss of muscle mass, increases strength, endurance and helps physical recovery after workouts.

      Original Pancakes from I.O.Genix also contain oatmeal (gluten), which has antioxidant qualities that help keep them in good condition, as well as having dietary fiber and healthy properties that lower cholesterol. That is why Original Pancakes from I.O.Genix are the ideal and healthy breakfast for all people and especially for athletes.

      Original Pancakes from I.O.Genix are simple and very easy to prepare, since it is an instant and quick mixture, so in no time you will have the perfect breakfast on your table. Original Pancakes from I.O.Genix can be also consumed by all users to maintain their diet, but especially for those athletes who expect the best performance in their workouts.

      Main characteristics of Original Pancakes from I.O.Genix:

      • Fastest and easiest to prepare on the market.
      • Provide a source of important proteins for the body.
      • Guarantee a healthy and balanced diet.

      Original Pancakes from I.O.Genix have a combination of 100% natural ingredients:

      • Ideal for athletes.
      • Increase strength and physical endurance.
      • Perfect breakfast for all users.
      • Contain oatmeal (gluten), ovalbumin (eggs).
      • Contain whey protein concentrate (LACTOMIN).
      • Contain casein (milk), cocoa powder, aroma, maltodextrin and sweetener.

      Nutrition facts per serving (100 g) of Original Pancakes from I.O.Genix:

      • 363 kcal of energy.
      • 4.4 g of fat, of which 1.1 g are saturated fats.
      • 41 g of carbohydrates, of which 4.6 g are sugars.
      • 5.5 g of fiber.
      • 27 g of protein.
      • 0.71 g of salt.

      To keep a healthy and balanced diet more effectively, Original Pancakes from I.O.Genix are the ideal breakfast since they provide you with all proteins you really need when training or keeping your daily diet and a healthier life.

      Recommended use: powdered food to prepare the best pancakes. Dissolve 33 g of Original Pancakes from I.O.Genix in 70 ml of water or vegetable milk, and pour into a frying pan. Combine with your favorite foods.

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