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Nac 600mg - 60 capsules

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Nac by IO.Genix is ​​a food supplement that will provide you with N-acetyl-cysteine, a semi-essential amino acid. It will deeply contribute to your health, your quality of life and your sports performance. Get a powerful antioxidant protection and incredible liver and kidney detoxification. It a product in rapid assimilation capsules.

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    Nac 600mg by IO.Genix provides you with excellent antioxidant protection, and a complete liver and kidney detoxification. Check what it will do for your quality of life and your physical capacity!

    Nac by IO.Genix is ​​a food supplement that offers N-acetyl-cysteine, an amino acid that your body produces in small amounts. However, to ensure good health, it is very positive to take a supplement like this in the body and combine it with a balanced diet.

    What are the characteristics of Nac 600mg by IO.Genix?

    • It provides N-acetyl-cysteine.
    • It has a deep detoxifying action.
    • It works as a liver and kidney purifier.

    What is in each dose of Nac 600mg by IO.Genix?

    Each capsule contains 600 mg of N-acetyl-cysteine.

    What is achieved with Nac 600mg by IO.Genix?

    Nac by IO.Genix is ​​a food supplement that provides a concentrated source of N-acetyl-cysteine, a semi-essential amino acid, which can benefit your health in many ways. Although the human body can produce it, some conditions such as low consumption of serine and methionine in the diet, can cause its deficiency in the body. By ensuring its maximum levels you will have a very complete antioxidant protection, and also a powerful detoxifying factor for the liver and kidneys. It will help you to prevent oxidative stress that is usually associated with very intense sports activity. It also improves the defenses against different external aggressions, present in the environment.

    Get a support against free radicals with Nac by IO.Genix. N-acetyl-cysteine ​​participates, together with glycine and glutamine, in the production of glutathione in the body. This is a very powerful antioxidant, possibly the most suitable for the human body, and it is vital for the proper functioning of the defenses. In this way, it can be useful to prevent heart problems, and preserve the balance of the nervous system. It also promotes detoxification of the liver, helping it expel toxins or waste materials from medications, heavy metals, environmental toxins or alcohol. It also has a positive influence to overcome respiratory problems or discomfort.

    In addition, Nac by IO.Genix will allow you to have a better physical performance, during a very intense training. When you have intense exercises, your body produces a greater amount of free radicals. It is very important to ensure a replenishment of antioxidants in your body in order to achieve a good recovery and avoid cramps. Nac in particular has a very positive effect on reducing inflammation markers, which can cause undesirable aches and pains, when resuming physical effort immediately. This is a complement that you should have at your disposal. 

    Recommended daily dose of Nac 600mg by IO.Genix

    • Take 1 capsule each day with a glass of water.

    Customer reviews: Nac 600mg - 60 capsules

    19 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    I have seen my physical performance improve, in addition to the fact that I feel more alert. Very happy with the purchase.
    For me one of the best supplements and essential in my daily supplementation, good quality
    Of the highest doses per capsule that I have found already a tremendous price. The product is an essential in my day to day.
    Well, since I've been taking it I've noticed an improvement in my stress and anxiety, I don't know if it's just because of the product or because I take things better, but it seems to help.
    Very good, super good quality and I felt that it was rusty, since I take it I feel new again.
    One of the best antioxidants on the market, good quality and price for io. which makes it a fixture in my supplementation
    Good anti oxidant, an essential in my daily supplementation, with quality and a very good price
    A product that I usually use throughout the year and with the quality and safety of a great brand like igoenix
    The amount per capsule is very good, the one that brings the largest amount at such a good price. Great iogenix brand!
    more than essential to take NAC since if you are a serious athlete you should not miss out on supplementation
    The quality of iogenix is very good and this supplement provides a large amount of one of the best antioxidants that can be taken.
    It has gone quite well for me to solve the issue of stress that I have because of work. I recommend it
    One of the antioxidants that must be included when the liver is overworked so that it does not end up crashing
    Of the largest doses of nac capsules that I have seen, good quality is that of Iogenix, one of the best brands of the moment.
    The amount of nac per capsule is quite high, something that is appreciated because the rest of the product usually has a small amount.
    N acetyl cysteine, I tried the one from vitobest and since it was more expensive I switched to this one. the same result
    Very good product, quality and efficient. I take it as a co-help for my liver, to keep me healthy
    Good supplement for preparations, I usually take around 1.2gr daily together with tensi sartan
    This NAC carries one of the highest dosages per capsule I have come across and at a tremendous price. recommendable
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