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MAP Master Amino - 415 g

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MAP Master Amino from IO.Genix is ​​an excellent nutritional supplement made by specialists with the best raw materials, containing a formula rich in amino acids, in excellent amounts. They act synergistically, significantly improving your physical performance during exercise and recovery, helping your muscles to stay in the best possible conditions for optimal development.

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    MAP Master Amino from IO.Genix, the best option to provide your body with excellent amounts of amino acids of the highest quality. It is a great supplement for the improvement of your muscles and health.

    Amino acids are essential nutrients for the body's functioning, and they are basically foundations found in proteins; and at the same time, help a wide variety of metabolic processes that take place inside the body. In the field of sports, these are also of special interest, since they greatly benefit physical development in different ways, both in aerobic and anaerobic physical exercises type.

    MAP Master Amino from IO.Genix is ​​an extraordinary food supplement that has incorporated in its composition an excellent variety and quantity of amino acids that will greatly benefit your development and physical performance. Do not wait any longer and start boosting your sports performance with the amino acids that the magnificent formula of MAP Master Amino from IO.Genix offers you.

    What are the characteristics of MAP Master Amino from IO.Genix?

    • A food supplement based on a wide range of amino acids.
    • Improves athlete's sports performance.
    • Improves the metabolic processes of the body.
    • Helps to keep the muscles well-nourished.
    • Supports muscle growth.
    • Improves recovery time of muscles.
    • Helps to increase strength.
    • Ideal for strength and endurance training.
    • Provides excellent amounts of amino acids per serving.
    • Contains essential branched-chain amino acids.
    • Prevents muscle wear.
    • Helps delay the effects of tiredness.
    • Uses raw materials of the best quality.

    What is the composition of MAP Master Amino from IO.Genix?

    MAP Master Amino from IO.Genix is ​​made in a powder format, so the user can mix it with their drink, preferably with skimmed milk or juice, with which they can prepare a shake with the amount of amino acids necessary to the body.

    MAP Master Amino from IO.Genix formula is made from amino acids, which are L-leucine, L-lysine, L-valine, L-isoleucine, L-phenialanine, L-threonine, L-tryptophan, among others.

    Content per dose (12.6 g):

    • Contains 2400 mg of L-leucine.
    • Provides 1600 mg of L-valine.
    • Has 1334 mg of L-lysine.
    • Provides 1334 mg of L-isoleucine.
    • Contains 1200 mg of L-phenialanine, among other amino acids.

    What are the benefits of the MAP Master Amino from IO.Genix?

    MAP Master Amino from IO.Genix is ​​created to offer in a single supplement the necessary amounts of amino acids necessary for the best development; and also physical and muscular performance. MAP Master Amino from IO.Genix not only nourishes your muscles, but at the same time favors the correct metabolic process of your body.

    MAP Master Amino from IO.Genix is ​​especially indicated for athletes who want effective amino acid supplementation to improve their physical performance.

    Recommended daily dose of MAP Master Amino from IO.Genix:

    • As a food supplement, mix 12.6 g in juice or skim milk.
    • Take once a day.
    • Ingest preferably before or after training.

    Customer reviews: MAP Master Amino - 415 g

    17 Reviews
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    A great product and of a superior quality. Workouts are performed at a linear intensity, with no significant slump as the workout progresses. The watermelon flavor is very good, although it takes a bit to dissolve.
    Probably the best MAP product, in relation to quality / price, that you have purchased. Very successful cranberry flavor.
    Although it is an expensive product, its effectiveness supports it. A really good recovery is noted, noticing less muscle fatigue the next day.
    A really good product. There is a significant improvement in endurance and recovery between sets.
    It's a good essential but for the price I don't know if I'll buy it again, I think I'll try the biotech one
    One of the best essential supplements on the market, being a product that is easy to dissolve and has a rich flavor. The feelings since I have added it are very satisfactory, especially in terms of performance and recovery.
    Very good product and a really good price. Perfect dissolution and a very rich flavor (lemon).
    Quality essential amino acid chain and good dose per dose, before and after training is how I usually use it.
    Essential aminos that are great for me during my workouts. I ship home in a few days.
    Essential aminos that are great for me during my workouts. I ship home in a few days.
    some maps that actually go quite well and of course the iogenix brand is at its best, thanks
    Very good product, with Kyowa quality, it dissolves easily and the blueberry flavor is very rich!
    Very good price and good quality and taste of these aminos. To highlight the lemon flavor! ;)
    I use them between meals to give an extra supply of amino acids to the small meals that I make during those hours, they taste good and are better assimilated.
    Good product, I don't give it 10 points because within its range there are better flavors, but it works.
    The truth is that I am taking them and they are going great, the iogenix brand is amazing
    Questions and answers
    Cuál sería la dosis ideal para una persona de 65 kilos ,antes del entreno ,durante o después?
    2022-04-10 20:33:26 Rubén
    hola ruben la dosis estandar es de 10g del producto una vez al dia y se reabsorbe mejor como intra entreno osea ser durante el entrenamiento,gracias y un saludo
    2022-04-11 09:21:25 SALVA VALENCIA
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    Buenas tardes se puede tomar los map junto la beta alanina, citrulina malato y la creatina, gracias
    2022-02-21 15:15:03 Jose
    hola, si es posible. saludos..
    2022-02-21 17:05:20 Juanjo
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