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Liv+pro - 60 capsules

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Liv + Pro by IO.Genix, is a food supplement made of a nourishing formula based on artichoke and milk thistle dry extract that will help you to stimulate bile secretion, promote fat digestion, promote weight loss, strengthen bone health and minimise cholesterol levels.

      Liv + Pro by IO.Genix, the perfect dietary supplement to treat liver problems and lower blood glucose.

      Liv + Pro by IO.Genix, is a wonderful food supplement with antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, astringent, anti-allergenic and hepatoprotective properties. It will strengthen and protect the liver from external agents, stimulating blood circulation, reducing the accumulation of fatty acids and triglycerides in the liver, restore damaged tissues, calm abdominal heaviness, prevent and promote the elimination of gallstones.

      What are the characteristics of Liv + Pro by IO.Genix?

      • It is a food supplement with a formula based on artichoke, dry extract of milk thistle, inositol and other natural ingredients.
      • It is perfect for removing fat from the liver and causing the bile to escape through the gallbladder.
      • It improves blood circulation and reduces the presence of bleeding.
      • It minimises triglycerides and fatty acids in the liver.
      • It increases diuresis and stimulate inflammation in the urinary tract in prostatitis and cystitis.
      • It allows to protect and fortify the health of the bone and digestive system.

      Ingredients and format of Liv + Pro by IO.Genix 

      Liv + Pro by IO.Genix, has an extraordinary presentation in capsules, manufactured with a formula based on natural ingredients of maximum purity and absorption, which provide benefits and properties that allow strengthening, caring for and protecting health. Liv + Pro by IO.Genix is ​​a food supplement free of harmful agents, pesticides and components that can alter or modify the vital functions of the body.

      Content per dose (2 capsules):

      • It contains 280 mg of milk thistle dry extract.
      • It contains 100 mg of artichoke dry extract.
      • It contains 100 mg of artichoke powder.
      • It contains 75 mg of choline bitartrate.
      • It contains 75 mg of n-acetylcysteine.
      • It contains 50 mg l-methionine.
      • It has 50 mg of inositol.
      • It has 20 mg of reduced glutathione.
      • It has 20 mg of s-adenosyl methionine.
      • It has 0.44 mg of vitamin B1.
      • It has 0.7 mg of vitamin B2.
      • It has 0.54 mg of vitamin B6.

      Benefits of Liv + Pro by IO.Genix

      Milk thistle or silybum marianum is a herbaceous plant whose main function is to provide properties that help prevent digestive disorders, promote the detoxifying effect of liver cells, stimulate the digestive process, level bilirubin indices, minimize the amount of glucose in the blood, promote skin health, improve asthma symptoms and calm the feeling of heaviness in the stomach, on the other hand, the artichoke intervenes in the secretion of bile, prevents constipation, reduces the amount of glucose in the blood and purifies the liver. That is the reason why IO.Genix has created Liv + Pro, a food supplement that combines the properties of milk thistle, artichoke and a group of natural ingredients. It is perfect to protect, repair and regenerate the liver, promote bile secretion, prevent possible liver damage and relieve some headaches.

      Liv + Pro by IO.Genix, is a food supplement highly recommended to be used by athletes, sportspeople in general and active people who need to take care of liver health, minimise stomach heaviness and protect their body in a natural way.

      Recommended daily dose of Liv + Pro by IO.Genix

      • As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules.
      • Take it with a glass of water.
      • Take a dose on a daily basis.

      Customer reviews: Liv+pro - 60 capsules

      3 Reviews
      Very good product, I really recommend it, it is quite noticeable and it is a good brand, it is reliable uitg7i6yrt
      60 capsules
      I really liked this product from the brand Io.Genix. It is one of the best liver scrubbers I have ever tried. I always tend to have somewhat high transaminases and a month after taking this product they have started to drop. Of course I combine it with a good diet
      60 capsules
      If you want a liver protector, you should definitely take this one because it is the hand of a saint, iogenix is top
      60 capsules
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