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Kre-alkalyn 3k - 120 capsules

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Kre-Alkalyn from Iogenix is an incredible creatine monohydrate supplement, which increases strength and muscle volume. It is an aid for athletes who are looking for a higher level of hypertrophy, and it is also a great support for endurance athletes, since it increases the immediate levels of glycogen in the body.

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    Kre-Alkalyn 3K by Iogenix gives you bigger and stronger muscles, along with a higher level of resistance. You have to take it now!

    Krea-Alkalyn 3K from Iogenix is a creatine nutritional supplement that has wonderful effects on your resistance level and on your muscle mass. It offers incredible support to optimize hypertrophy processes during bodybuilding practice and also prolongs performance in aerobic activities.

    IO.Genix's Kre-Alkalyn 3K Essentials

    • It is a supplement made from high quality creatine.
    • Increases endurance and increases muscle volume.
    • Improves sports performance in various physical disciplines.

    What's in every shot of IO.Genix's Kre-Alkalyn 3K ?

    Kre-Alkalin 3k from Iogenix comes in a bottle containing 120 supplement capsules.

    Each recommended 4 capsule serving contributes 3,000 mg of Kre-Alkalyn®, which is high-quality creatine monohydrate.

    What is Kre-Alkalyn 3K from IO.Genix taken for ?

    Kre-Alkalyn by Iogenix is a dietary supplement made with Kre-Alkalyn®, which is a proprietary formula of high-quality creatine monohydrate. This nutrient makes an incredible contribution to your training, as it will help you gain muscle volume, increase your endurance and recover quickly between exercise sessions. This supplement offers a decisive help for bodybuilding activities since it favors the processes of muscle hypertrophy. In the same way, resistance increases for long periods during the practice of aerobic activities. It also improves mental clarity during training as it has a vital influence on the nervous system.

    Increase your ability to lift weights with Kre-Alkalyn from Iogenix. It is the additional component that you need to increase the effort that you are able to do with your body. It is ideal for promoting a greater ability to exercise intensely, doing more repetitions, with short breaks between exercise routines. That is why it cannot be missing from your daily diet if you practice weightlifting, bodybuilding or powerlifting. It is essential to have a better performance since it improves the joint work capacity of your body. This is largely due to the fact that it encourages protein synthesis, and that it improves hydration of muscle tissues.

    You also need Kre-Alkalyn if you practice aerobic sports, such as running, cycling or spinning. Its consumption has been proven to improve performance and endurance since it puts a limit on the production of lactic acid, which is responsible for the feeling of tiredness and fatigue in the body. It is also favorable in activities where explosiveness prevails, such as team sports such as soccer, basketball, or rugby. In the same way, it increases mental clarity during the practice of any exercise, no matter how demanding it is.

    How to consume Kre-Alkalyn 3K from IO.Genix?

    • Take up to 4 capsules per day.
    • Consume preferably 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon (or after training).

    Customer reviews: Kre-alkalyn 3k - 120 capsules

    10 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    I prefer the kre-alkaline because I find it more digestive than the monohydrate, I notice a better muscle tone
    Much more effective and comfortable to take than the monohydrate, I recover much better and faster.
    more powerful than conventional creatine, without a doubt, kre alkalina is the most powerful alternative to creatine
    Very, very good, I see it as a superior creatine to monohydrate, especially in aesthetic terms, much better muscle tone.
    the alternative to creatine and I would tell you that it is something more powerful than creatine and at a good price
    Very good creatine, I use it throughout the year and it always gives me very good results
    A creatine that is assimilated super well and that does not cause any stomach discomfort, very well.
    Good results in terms of improving strength and performance for my boxing training, totally recommended.
    Creatine is superior, that alkalinity thing works, it doesn't give me acidity by far, to put a but, it would be that the dose is 4 capsules.
    Questions and answers
    Si cada cápsula contiene un gramo y peso 90kg, no tendría que tomar 9 cápsulas??
    2021-12-27 15:17:44 Adolfo Fito
    Hola Adolfo, cada cápsula contiene 750 mg de kre-alkalyn, la dosis aumentaría a 12, para los 90 kilos, ya que las indicaciones son dosis estandarizadas. Espero haberte servido de ayuda, gracias por confiar en masmusculo.
    2021-12-27 18:29:28 Joel
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