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Hmb 1000mg - 90 capsules

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HMB 1000mg by IO.Genix is ​​an effective nutritional supplement with the best quality, made of a significant dose of HMB, an incredible natural compound with a great capacity for protein synthesis at the muscle level. It effectively reduces fat and keeps stronger muscle mass, thus providing the achievement of your sports goals with a better effectiveness.

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    Build your muscle mass in a guaranteed way with HMB 1000mg by IO.Genix, a product that will help you to get the muscles you want in a completely natural way.

    The famous brand IO.Genix has formulated this new nutritional supplement with unique benefits. It is mainly elaborated to effectively stimulate fat-free muscle growth. It also reduces fatigue and contributes to an optimal recovery when you carry your intense workouts out. It has a great dose of the highest quality HMB that has an excellent capacity to stimulate protein synthesis in the muscles, which is essential for obtaining healthy muscles, as well as contributing to their growth. It also allows you to increase resistance when training, which will help you to achieve your goals in an efficient way.

    Main features of HMB 1000mg by IO.Genix 

    • It increases physical performance
    • It stimulates protein synthesis
    • It helps you to lose body fat
    • It accelerates muscle recovery
    • It helps you to increase muscle and strength
    • It stimulates fat-free muscle growth
    • It reduces fatigue
    • It improves athletic performance
    • It provides 100% pure and natural HMB

    Ingredients and format of HMB 1000mg by IO.Genix

    This wonderful supplement has a convenient and easy-to-open bottle presentation, in capsules that improve its absorption, providing its benefits with a better effectiveness. It is a product that provides pure HMB of completely natural origin that guarantees its proven high quality.

    Content in a recommended daily dose (3 capsules):

    • It contains 3000 mg of HMB

    What is HMB 1000mg by IO.Genix taken for?

    Its super powerful formula makes it one of the best supplements on the market. It considerably improves physical performance, promotes the increase in muscle mass and reduces fat in the body, increases the strength necessary to have a better performance, accelerates muscle recovery and reduces fatigue, among other great benefits that will give you the maximum possible satisfaction. It is a quality product that IO.Genix has brought especially to contribute to healthy muscle growth, thus helping you to obtain the look you want and providing you with the achievement of your sports goals with superior efficiency.

    It is perfect for athletes and / or sportspeople who require a natural and effective supplement that energises your body in your training. It also contributes to a healthy growth of muscle mass. It is an excellent supplement to reduce fat, thus contributing to a healthy and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

    Recommended use of HMB.

    • As a dietary supplement take 3 capsules
    • Take it preferably before training
    • Take a daily dose

    Customer reviews: Hmb 1000mg - 90 capsules

    16 Reviews
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    The recovery is more than remarkable and the improvement in strength is also quite noticeable. I had been told very well about this brand and the truth is that it has been a success.
    If you are one of the people who take training seriously, this is the best anti cortisol on the market.
    I kept up the performance being in a fairly aggressive deficit, so I'm very happy with the product.
    Undoubtedly one of the best anticatabolics and anabolics at the same time is HMB I am taking it for a couple of weeks and it is going very well I notice that I recover faster and my muscle mass increased a little but of quality very happy with the supplement, thanks
    one of the products that works for you as an anabolic or anticatabolic agent, the truth is that I did not expect anything less from iogenix
    I have been using this product for about two months, throughout my muscle definition stage and I have noticed its effects a lot. It helps a lot to maintain muscle mass and a high level of energy. I recommend your purchase since in addition, the price is very good.
    Very good HMB for its price. I had tried others something more expensive before, but seeing the results with this one, identical, I will choose to continue with this one, since I save a few euros for the same benefits. In terms of service and attention, outstanding! ;)
    I had been told about this supplement when it comes to improving our physical capacity and recovery and, it is true, I am notably improving my performance in general.
    My goal is to look good, but I'm not looking to be super muscular or increase the volume of my body, that's why I use it
    Very good supplement for the improvement, above all, of strength and performance in general, guaranteeing better results for training and progress. The dose per capsule is also very good, which means that the consumption of capsules is not excessive.
    I have noticed that I recover much better and I am able to train with greater intensity for longer.
    Very good product for all those looking for a little boost in their performance level. While it doesn't work miracles, it does promote a small improvement in strength gains, allowing you to train harder and see better results.
    I really liked the product, I have experienced improvements in recovery times and better muscle tone.
    Powerful aid to improve strength by boosting recovery, I notice the increase in performance in general
    Questions and answers
    Buenas hace falta descanso despues de tomar hmb para empezar con test f200 de amix? Gracias un saludo
    2022-10-04 10:33:00 Mike
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