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Gaba 750mg - 60 capsules

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Gaba 750mg by IO.Genix is ​​an excellent food supplement. It is made of GABA (aminobutyric acid), an amino acid that is used by the brain to promote tranquility and calm. It regulates excitability, so that you can lead a relaxed life. It is perfect to help you to fight stress and nervousness, among other incredible benefits.

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    Fight stress and achieve the calm you are looking for in a natural and healthy way with Gaba by IO.Genix.

    Gaba by IO.Genix is ​​a food supplement of great quality and maximum effectiveness. It is made of GABA or aminobutyric acid, a natural component, specifically an amino acid and an exponent of neurotransmitters, which helps you to regulate excitability and restlessness. It is used by the brain, stimulating it to promote tranquility and calm, so that it allows you to lead a more relaxed life. You can also perform your daily activities in a efficient way. Gaba by IO.Genix is ​​a special product to help you to fight different problems such as stress, nervousness, anxiety and many others. It is perfect to achieve a unique state of stillness in a natural and healthy way. It does not have any type of artificial component.

    Essentials of Gaba 750mg by IO.Genix 

    • It is a food supplement based on GABA
    • It is of 100% natural and healthy origin
    • It promotes tranquility and calm
    • It helps you to fight stress, anxiety and nervousness
    • It contributes to optimal relaxation
    • It is highly bioavailable
    • It is very safe to consume
    • It is easy to take 

    Composition of Gaba 750mg of IO.Genix

    This great food supplement has a presentation in capsules that are very easy to swallow and with maximum absorption. It guarantees its effects in an effective way. These capsules have the right and appropriate amounts of ingredients, that make it a reliable food supplement that guarantees its extraordinary quality.

    Content per dose (1 capsule):

    • It has 750 mg of GABA

    What is Gaba 750mg by IO.Genix taken for?

    Gaba by IO.Genix is ​​a food supplement that can help you to lead a better lifestyle, as it helps to fight different conditions that, if left untreated, can harm your physical and mental performance. For example, stress can be a very serious problem that commonly affects many people worldwide. This incredible food supplement helps you to fight it in a healthy way. A dose of GABA that will help you to stay calm and relaxed all the time. So, it can also help you to fight other problems such as anxiety and nervousness.

    Gaba by IO.Genix is ​​perfect for athletes and anyone who should keep good mental and emotional health. Its unique formula helps to stay relaxed, especially in those situations that bring stress, nervousness or anxiety. In addition, it contributes to a healthy and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. An excellent quality item that only a brand like IO.Genix can offer for you.

    Recommended daily dose of Gaba 750mg by IO.Genix

    • As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule a day with a glass of water
    • Take it at any time
    • Take a daily dose

    Customer reviews: Gaba 750mg - 60 capsules

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    This product suits me really well. I'm getting a lot better sleep and getting up a lot more recovered.
    One of the highest doses I have found and with a very good quality being Iogenix its manufacturer.
    Very good product from Gaba, one of the most effective I have taken. I fall into bed exhausted and sleep wonderfully.
    If you have that general discomfort and apart from that you have anxiety or stress, this is the star supplement
    It helped me a lot in times of stress from work and study, helping me to be calmer and more rested during the day.
    I rest wonderfully since taking it and I wake up much better and livelier. Good product, fully recommended.
    Good supplement, I bought it on the recommendation of a friend and I've been taking it for two weeks and it seems fine
    If you are one of the people who suffer a lot from stress due to the life that you lead, this product will help you.
    Without a doubt, a product that should not be missing in the diet of any athlete, whether serious or not, because they are the innumerable functions of which this supplement is so vital apart from the fact that the price is ridiculous and how well this brand is doing path
    An essential supplement to be able to fall asleep, especially in exam time, where my stress levels skyrocket. The sixty capsule format is very good, as it lasts two months, and the dose per capsule is one of the best on the market.
    An essential supplement to be able to fall asleep, especially in exam time, where my stress levels skyrocket. The sixty capsule format is very good, as it lasts two months, and the dose per capsule is one of the best on the market.
    It relaxes me in times of stress and helps me sleep better. I take it before going to sleep and very well
    Incredible but this product works in the long term and very well gives me that peace and well-being apart from that it takes away the anxiety and stress that is essential to lead a healthy and happy life in this stressful society and value for money very well
    Questions and answers
    Produce somnolencia? Que es mejor,tomarlo de mañana o de noche?
    2021-11-14 18:46:18 Noelia
    hola noelia en absoluto produce este producto somnolencia y es mas este gran suplemento te aportara tranquilidad y bienestar,lo puedes tomar a lo largo del dia cuando quieras,gracias y un saludo
    2021-11-15 10:14:28 SALVA VALENCIA
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