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Dextrose - 1 kg

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Dextrose from IO.Genix is ​​a type of powdered sugar that comes from corn and has healthy properties when consumed. Unlike other sugars, it is quickly absorbed in the body, thus helping with the regeneration of muscles and tendons and also providing you with energy during any physical activity.

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    Dextrose from IO.Genix is ​​the best option when it comes to sugars, as it helps you keep your necessary levels of glycogen in the body, providing you with more energy and helping you recover quickly.

    Dextrose from IO.Genix is ​​a high-quality product that is specially designed for high-intensity athletes who want an effective performance when doing their workouts, since it provides optimal levels of glycogen in blood allowing you to perform your workouts without any problem.

    Dextrose from IO.Genix provides the necessary energy to continue training and its effect is immediate. It also feeds the cells and muscles and is the fuel your brain needs to function properly.

    Glycogen is the main energy source in sports and physical activities. The lack of glycogen in the body can cause nausea and dizziness after high-intensity workouts, so it is necessary to normalize and even increase its levels.

    Dextrose from IO.Genix is the ideal dietary supplement since it has the ability to quickly fill the glycogen deposits in the body, thus helping you keep energy and recover quickly.

    Why is glycogen important?

    Glycogen is an important fuel reserve for several reasons. Hence, glycogen serves as a buffer to maintain blood-glucose levels. Glycogen's role in maintaining blood-glucose levels is especially important because glucose is virtually the only fuel used by the brain, except during prolonged starvation.

    Likewise, Dextrose from IO.Genix is used to treat muscle and tendon regeneration as it helps to recover collagen that is essential for treating joint injuries.

    Dextrose from IO.Genix differs from common sugar because it has healthier benefits, since it is a monosaccharide, that is, a simpler type of sugar with a higher energy contribution. It is absorbed faster than other sugars. Dextrose from IO.Genix fights dehydration, making it ideal for workouts. It is also ideal for people with low blood sugar level.

    Main characteristics of Dextrose from IO.Genix:

    • Quickly absorbed in the body.
    • Helps with muscle and tendon regeneration.
    • Provides an important source of energy.
    • Provides immediate muscle recovery during your workouts.
    • Helps in treating ligament injuries.
    • Fights dehydration.
    • Ideal for athletes.
    • Raises blood sugar level.

    Nutrition facts per serving (100 g):

    • 392 kcal of energy.
    • 98 g of carbohydrates, of which 88 g are sugars.
    • 0.1 g of protein.

    To keep blood sugar levels in perfect conditions and thus obtain more energy when training, Dextrose from IO.Genix is the ideal supplement that gives you the contribution you really need, since it provides you with important benefits that improve your physical performance helping you lead a healthy life.

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, dissolve 50 g of Dextrose from IO.Genix preferably in water. Take Dextrose from IO.Genix at any time of the day, especially during your physical activities. It comes in two (2) delicious flavors: lemon and green apple.

    Customer reviews: Dextrose - 1 kg

    2 Reviews
    Excellent product, I usually take it intra-training and I feel like new to stay strong
    Of those that I have tried, this one suits me well because, according to the brand, the absorption of dextrose is not good
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