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Delicious pizza - 250g

Delicious Pizza by IO.Genix is ​​a delicious protein meal that you can enjoy if you are on a diet, training, or want to eat healthy. You can prepare it with the sauce you want and with your favourite ingredients. Check its satisfying and nutritious benefits, as well as its delicious flavour.

      Delicious Pizza by IO.Genix is ​​a tasty and protein pizza that you can satisfy yourself for lunch or dinner time. Enjoy it even if you are on a diet! Try it with the ingredients that you like the most!

      Delicious Pizza by IO.Genix is ​​a pizza that you should try. It is made of proteins, with a low carbohydrate level and with an excellent flavour. It is ready to be prepared with sauces, cheese or with any ingredient or style you want to give to the pizza. It is a healthy and satisfying product.


      Essentials of Delicious Pizza by IO.Genix

      • It is made on the basis of proteins.
      • It is low in carbohydrates.
      • It is perfect for any diet or for a healthy diet.

      Ingredients and format of Delicious Pizza by IO.Genix

      Delicious Pizza by IO.Genix comes in a disposable packaging that has a protein pizza of 250 g.

      Each 100g offers the following specifications:

      • It contains 287 cal.
      • It has 9.9 g of fat including 2.1 g of saturated fat.
      • It contributes 12 g of carbohydrates including 1.1 g of sugars.
      • It provides 35 g of protein.
      • It provides 4.8 g of dietary fiber.


      Why trying Delicious Pizza by IO.Genix?

      Delicious Pizza by IO.Genix is ​​a protein pizza, which is delicious and very nutritious. You can enjoy your diet or add it in a healthy diet. It has been made with an excellent protein content, always positive for a good diet and with a low content of carbohydrates. It is ready for you to add whatever you want, such as sauces, cheese, low-fat sausages, vegetables, mushrooms ... anything you like to enjoy a delicious pizza. You can satisfy yourself trying something delicious that will also satisfy your appetite in a healthy way.

      Delicious Pizza by IO.Genix offers proteins which are essential for a good diet. It also has amino acids, which are essential building elements for tissues, hair and nails. But the most important thing is that they rebuild the muscles and strengthen the body. That is why, you should try a delicious dish like this. It has been designed to allow you to enjoy a tasty and appetising meal that will not negatively affect your body volume. You will feel excellent satiety, which will also be important for healthy eating.

      Enjoy all kinds of pizzas with Delicious Pizza by IO.Genix. You can make a delicious sauce and add cream cheese or provolone to it. You can also enjoy it with vegetables, mushrooms, peppers, onions, or even tofu. You just have to add what you like on and heat it for a few minutes in the oven. You will have an appetising dish, warm and ready to be consumed in no time. It is quite simply, a delicious product that is waiting for you.


      Recommended Daily Amount of Delicious Pizza by IO.Genix

      • Add to it your favourite ingredients.
      • Heat it for a few minutes in a microwave or common oven.
      • Eat it at lunch, dinner, or whenever you like.
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